By NBF News
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Things are getting out of hand in this country and this is a wake up call to my compatriots. Where are the true lovers of this nation? It seems they are chained, blind, sleeping and snoring. When will they wake up and brake the yoke of holding this nation down.

I went to buy a bag of rice last week and noticed that the price is has added over one thousand Naira. When I asked I was told that rice importation has become a monopoly yet again in the hands of one man.

I was told that I may end up paying ten thousand Naira for rice by the end of the year. Do I have to borrow from the bank to increase my wife's feeding allowance?

Where are we going? Now the judiciary has become a divided house. I believe that God will one day raise a man who is after His heart to restore this nation. Before then let Nigerians arise.

Patrick sent this piece from Lagos