By NBF News

Ip Man director Raymond Wong and actor Donnie Yen accept their prize

A profile of martial arts star Bruce Lee's kung fu master has won top prize at the annual Hong Kong film awards.

Ip Man, a biopic of the eponymous teacher starring Donnie Yen, was named best picture at the event.

But The Way We Are, a documentary-style look at a working class neighbourhood, took the other top prizes, including best director and best actress.

John Woo's hotly tipped war epic Red Cliff was largely passed over in the main categories.

The film did win a number of technical awards, however, including the prize for best visual effects.

Nick Cheung was named best actor for his portrayal of a kidnapper who struggles to care for his wife in thriller The Beast Stalker.

Liu Kai-chi and Chan Lai-wun won best supporting actor and actress for their roles in The Beast Stalker and The Way We Are respectively.

Chinese actress Xu Jiao, 11, was named best new performer for her role in the fantasy movie CJ7.

Last year's event saw martial arts star Jet Li best actor for The Warlords, one of eight prizes won by his period epic.