We need them back!

By Joy Della Ocloo
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There are some actors I really want to see return to screen. I am so bored with these fake, lipstick slaping, accent faking, fsashion conscous wannabes.

Uche Osutule
Saint Obi
Heln Ukpabio
Liz Benson
Susan Paticks
Michelle Attoh
Akofa Ejeani
Brew Riverson
Susan Natue
Edith Ayalogu
Domitilla Oleka
Amaeze Imahiagbe
Sam Dede
Regina Askia

These are the few I can remember now. But they have to return and give us quality performances void of all the elaborate nonsense we have now.

To those who constantly complain that I am harsh. Grow a back bone. This battle is not for the weak or feeble hearts. I do not hate Jackie Appiah, rather, I am concerned for quality to be put on screens. When I pay to watch a movie, I cannot afford to have my time wasted by sheer stupidity and nonsense.

I am a harsh critic. There is no way I am interested in toning down my language. I do not insult persons, I state the truth as it is. If it is harsh, sorry oh. I no see am. lol