You say you are Biafran, why do you still use Nigerian Passport?

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Well, nobody has ever asked to see my travelling documents, to know whether or not I use Nigerian Passport. But again, what is wrong in that?

When Nigerians were asking for independence from the colonial masters, did they renounce the currency introduced by the British? That I use the naira to buy things does not stop me from asking for independence. Does your opposition to your father's decisions stop you from answering his name? What matters is the argument you put up. I am saying we want self-determination, because I want a place where Ndigbo would be secured.

I challenge those who are saying these things to tell the world the programmes they have for the protection of life and property of Ndigbo outside Igboland.

Have any of these cowards and saboteurs called a press conference to condemn the killing of the Igbo in Bauchi and Jos? They cannot, because if they try, they would revoke their contracts and would not be given political appointments. Since they want to stay in Nigeria and claim to have freedom of expression, why not speak against the killings? But I am afraid that they will not.
They are talking rubbish. So, since Nigerians who were asking for independence did not do so, I should not be expected to do otherwise. But pursue the realization of the republic of Biafran dream, I must. And, we will surely get it with or without a Nigerian Passport or use of the Nigerian naira.