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Ernest Asuzu
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Ernest Asuzu, remember him? The Nollywood bad boy is back and guess what? He has completed work on his brand new album.

“I am the Don, I call the shots,” he told ShowBuzz recently, “I have contributed to a lot of artistes careers, I have encouraged a lot of artistes in music, Nollywood and modeling. I don't want to mention names so it's not like I am sounding off.

The reason it took me so long to get here is because I spent 80 per cent of my life discovering talents. I made so much sacrifices but was not appreciated. I fought many wars on the streets, there was a lot of police brutality, hatred, neglect and betrayals. How many artistes could survive that? I was away for eight years, now I am back to set the records straight, so, when I say I'm the Don, it's not an understatement!”

Tracks in The Return of The Don his new album include Here I come Again, Danger Zone, How E Go Be, and Take Over.