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Imagine catching a seven-year-old boy sticking his p--- into a six-year-old girl's v----.

You rushed to them and separated the young 'lovers'.

Then you asked them, “what do you think you are doing?” To which the boy replied,” we are playing dad and mum. And that is one of the things dad and mum do in the movies we watch on television?”

The scenario painted above is not a work of fiction but something that happened recently in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

The woman, a staff with the Tribune, who caught those children in the act is yet to recover from the shock she received from that ugly incident despite the fact that she reported the incident to parents of the two children.

In a chat with Everywoman, the woman asked these questions “what is the world turning to? How can we prevent such things from happening in our society? Does that mean we have to stop our children from watching television?

Everywoman was still thinking about what the woman said when this text message came in: “I love your column and I never miss it. I'm a young girl taken advantage of when I was 6 years of age. Now I cannot resist sex but I want to stop. Please help. – Anonymous.

Sex is a word that is discussed a lot these days. Gone were the days when that word cannot be mentioned openly.

Not only is sex the most popular topic in town today, it is also very visible. Everywhere you turn today, sex is there. In advertisements, soap operas, musical clips, magazines, newspapers, home videos and on the internet.

As a result, wherever these children turn to, they are bombarded with sex. Even if as a parent, one decides to bar her daughter from watching x-rated films, what are the chances that she will not see it elsewhere, especially when the parents is not around?

What then can parents do to prevent their children from tasting “the forbidden fruit” ?

By Tayo Ligali