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By NBF News

Permit me to voice my opinion in the ongoing reforms in the Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP), the ruling party.

The PDP is on the march again in the quest for leadership. As watchers, we are seeing political gladiators throwing in their caps into the ring for leadership position.

Our concern this time around is to support a candidate who knows what leadership is all about, a patriot, tested and trusted that can deliver the needed political dividends.

All the above qualities are well mixed up in one man, Dr. Bamanga Tukur.

He is a true bridge builder who can put in final full stop to the challenges of succession which had plagued the party for some time now.

Tukur is a man of many parts, a founding member of the party, and an achiever in diverse fields of human endeavour.

This former Governor of Old Gongola State is a versed politician, an economist that is needed now in translating our polity to economic gains.

The astute Pubic Administrator is also versed in International Affairs, a plus in translating and transforming foreign policies into achieving our goals of being a key player in world politics.

Tukur holds several political, traditional titles, but the one dearest to the heart of his people is the title Tafida of Adamawa, given to him by the people to him in demonstration of his worthy contribution to the development of the grassroots.

Permit me to say that this great mobiliser, an icon has versed knowledge in political transformation which is currently needed in our great party for the next level.

Concerned people like us have often asked a pertinent question. What does Tukur want again?

Permit me to say that he has provided answer in some fora, when he said that 'being PDP chairman is to provide selfless service in leadership to the party and that being PDP chairman would not add anything extra to many achievements in his life.

This to us is a humbling statement by a man, a sailor with the compass which the PDP needs to move to the next level.

No doubt the PDP is at a cross road, it is like a big body with no proportionate head to its size. A patriot like Tukur, a de-tribalised Nigerian, can drive the process, and provide the platform for the transformation agenda of the present PDP led Government.

To put it succinctly, all over the world, the ruling party determines the Policy thrust of government which PDP is now ready to provide.

We are of the view that the place of Nigeria in Africa is gradually being eroded, but that a properly positioned party would be able to reposition the country as a leading nation in Africa.

We also believe that a Tukur led PDP, can project the President of Nigeria as a pan-African leader that the world eagerly awaits.

Tukur, as a private sector breed, would no doubt promote and project our economy, using his wealth of experience as a private sector technocrat.

Our conviction is that with the new foreign policy thrust of the Federal  Government, a seasoned administrator of the calibre of Tukur, should be allowed to drive the process and give strong leadership to support the transformation agenda of the Federal Governments.

The question one may ask would be why Bamanga Tukur? Such question is expected but the answer is not far to fetch.

The cap fits Tukur for various reasons hence we solicit for support him.

He is willing and ready to share his rich political and economic experience for the party and the nation at large.

*Ken Kayama, was the pioneer Commissioner for Youth and Sports  in Bayelsa State and J. T. Government was  a former member of the Delta SUPEB.