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A Lagos PDP chieftain, Owolabi Salis, has said Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) was responsible for the sack of Justice Salami, accusing the party of giving him false confidence and hope against the truth and against the real powers of the land.

'Justice Salami is in my professional constituency and I am bound to love him but it is unfortunate that it is too late to advise him not to listen to the critics of the real powers of the land. The critics have been giving him false hope and confidence in the current debacle,' he said. 'By now, Justice Salami should have known that justice has two faces and law can be interpreted either way no matter what is written down as long as the interpretation is meant to achieve an objective. In most cases, judges render decisions to advance the political and the social-economical interest of the country or some other objectives. He was involved in many decisions like that in the past.

'For him to think that his removal was against the law was an exercise in futility. I do not know what legal strategies he will use to fight the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court. These are the end of powers in justice and these are the people he is fighting,' he further argued. He advised Justice Salami to stop listening to ACN, which, he said, was considered by serious minded Nigerians as a noise making and propaganda party, which cares not for the poor people. He said they would only run him into more troubles.

'The ultimate power of the land is the people. The people exercise their power through votes in a referendum or elections. The people's votes are reduced into constitution or certain other laws or power or delegated to certain people. It is the law that no judge has the right to cancel the vote of any Nigerian or disenfranchise any Nigeria because the ultimate power rests with the people and they exercise their powers through vote

'Justice Salami wrongfully cancelled the votes of the people in 10 local governments in Osun State to give the governorship mandate to ACN and wrongfully cancelled the votes of the people in Ido-Osi in Ekiti to give the governorship mandate to ACN. Does it mean that people did not vote in those local governments?'