By NBF News

Fasehun, at a press conference in Lagos yesterday observed that 'the President was misled to hastly endorse a replacement to Justice Salami,' warning that 'the step is capable of compromising the integrity of the judiciary in addition to jeopardizing national unity.'

Speaking further, the OPC boss who expected Jonathan to act as a peacemaker and custodian of social justice therefore suggested that it was not too lat for the President to constitute an independent commission of enquiry to get to the roots of the matter before taking any action.

Against this background, Fasehun wanted 'the pre-suspension status quo to be maintained,' regretting that 'the way the issue was of Isa Salami was handled, justice has not been done conclusively.'

He stated that 'if Justice Salami believes his right has been reduced and he has gone to court to seek redress, the Nigeria Judicial Council (NJC), must allow him pursue his matter to a legal conclusion at the law court.'