How has corruption fared under Farida Waziri?

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Difficulty, they say is identifying the source of the problem-the economic and financial crimes commission has had it tooth and nail to identifying fraudulent act which are the sources of corruption that has covered the fresh air in the nation Nigeria . The

 chairman of the commission (EFCC) is being described as a woman in the lions den; by her vigorous fight against corruption in the society, this she has done through a bold step to curbing the menace of corruption. In the midst of hungry lions for bad economy, she has fought tirelessly with her team to make sure these thieves are brought to book and prosecuted.

Eight years of thorough fight to have a stable financial economy and country free of corruption, the EFCC has in different ways helped both national and foreign investors to identify fraudsters if they come across one, and for this to manifest, the chairman introduced what is called transaction clearance platform (TCP), it works in a way that investors will know the individuals behind any business, what the business is all about and location of the business. In her bid to doing this, the EFCC has recovered over $11 billion, saving the country of financial bankrupt. This billion of naira got from corrupt leaders and fraudsters, and bank debtors.

The EFCC in its 8years, has prosecuted over 65 high profile cases of those involved in both Economic and Financial crimes, looting of the nations treasury, into mismanagement of public funds by individuals or as a group.

Also, the prosecution of the former speaker, house of representative, Dimeji Bankole and his deputy, Nafada is seen as a right step in the right direction. These were once the cabals of this society that the president had all ears to but today, due to their incessant act of putting the economy's finances at stake. Because they have come not to work for the people but for themselves, these has led them into the EFCC's  dungeon of no return until proven not guilty, but if proven guilty, then they will face the law.

The EFCC in the past 8 years has teamed up with the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) to retrieve debts amounting to billions of naira which customers have been owing the banks and refused to pay back, but for the intervention of Mrs Farida Waziri, the debt would have not been recovered. This bank sanitization is a very plausible idea and has worked for the betterment of the country.

In the bid also to hasten action in the prosecution of ex-governors, the EFCC has got all hands on deck looking at various petitions against governors but the public should be aware that the EFCC's a well respected commission and does things in a professional way. According to the EFCC chairman, Farida Waziri 'every petition follows due process'. So, the public should be rest assured that their cries have been heard by the commission and are taking drastic steps to prosecute them.

Sandra David,
Port Harcou rt