By NBF News

The recent annual thanksgiving of Apostle of Prayer, League of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Lagos Archdiocesan Council at St. Augustine Catholic Church, Iba, was splendid.

The excited faithful, who were gaily dressed in their red attire, took their seat in and outside the auditorium.

The Archdiocesan President, Apostle of Prayer, Mr. Augustine Achugwo Shimeobi, reminded the faithful to adhere to their obligations. ''Let me remind you never to forget to be faithful to the rich devotional practices to which every member is obliged to keep. These include praying and living the daily offering prayer, attending and assisting at the holy hour of reparation on Thursdays, observing the first Friday and Saturday obligation, participating in all the approved novenas of the society and its propagation.'

Shimeobi told them that the only source of succour in the face of economic, spiritual and physical downturns of these days is in seeking the face of God.

'The theme of our consecration is Be Still And Know That I Am God, if you look around, you will discover that when you seek God and find Him, every other things pales into insignificance. More interestingly is the fact that you do not need to go far to find God because the easiest way to experience Him is in the quiet moments before the Blessed sacrament of the altar of the Sacred Heart in the home.

'Most importantly, you must be the light to shine forth in your homes, places of work, neighbourhood and indeed wherever you are found and must comport yourself properly as ambassadors of Christ.'

He said the Apostle of Prayer was one of the pious societies in the church, which the faithful are encouraged to join.