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Thousands of participants from Malaysia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and other neighbouring African countries were at the Sky Pavilion, Adebola House, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos recently for the first international convention of the Edmark Group of Companies in Nigeria.

They were received by the General Manager, Edmark Nigeria, Mr. Maurice Etim and distributors of the company who came from different parts of the country. The convention was tagged: Love is the Reason.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Sam Low; Director General, National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Abuja, Nigeria, Mr. Umar Buba Bindir, an engineer; Chief Operating Officer of Edmark, Mr. Marcus Ngoh and General Manager, Edmark Ghana, Mr. Mohammad Ismail were among the dignitaries who attended the convention.

The company is a multi-million dollar entity with market presence in over 25 countries and is involved in various business interests from manufacturing to real estate development.

Etim stated that the company has empowered more than 300, 000 Nigerians within two years of operations in Nigeria, saying the tremendous success of the company in Nigeria has also prompted an average of 80 Nigerians to register with the company daily in its Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt offices.

His words: 'The vision behind this company is to empower people, to give people opportunity to grow. Of course, it is not just about money. We are talking about total wellbeing. We teach people to love. We ask people to show love because love is the basis of everything. Love is the highest form of energy that actually guarantees the success of everything.

'We target people from the grassroots because we are sincere in whatever we are doing. This Edmark International Convention is a platform we use in celebrating and honouring our achievers, our distributors and everybody that has contributed to the success of our business in Nigeria and all over the world. Of course, this is the first time in Nigeria. We held in Ghana last year.'

In his address, Low said the company plans to build a spiritual and business community in Nigeria, adding that the organisation would need about 100 hectares of land to build the community.

'We are not only just having a vision to set up a manufacturing plant; we have a vision to create a community. We want to build a business and spiritual community, and we are now looking for a land of 100 hectares. And on the piece of land, we'll equally have one of the finest malls in Africa,' he stated.

The mall, he said, would have manufacturing sector, research and development centre and educational institutes such as skill acquisition centre and a university. He added that the institutes would not only provide academic excellence but would also share and teach people how to live a successful life.

On the theme of the convention, he asserted: 'If you have love, everything is possible. Love is God, God is love. Everything is possible with God. Why? Because just like in a business, it is a common sense. If you treat your customers well, if you love your customers, if you do everything with the best interest of your customer, you will have a long life customer that will be loyal to your business, to your products. Not only that, he will keep on recommending people to you.'

In his message to the convention, the High Commissioner of Malaysia to Nigeria, Mr. Bin Nik Ahmad, said: 'I have been very much impressed with the rapid success of Edmark International in Nigeria since entering the Nigerian market in 2009. Definitely, love for the products by those involved in the production, distribution and marketing of the Edmark brand and love by satisfied customers must have something to do with success.'

The Philippine Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Nestor Padalhin, said Edmark International Nigeria has helped a very good number of Nigerians through its high quality products and income opportunity. He added that he took pride in knowing that Edmark began its networking marketing operation in the Philippines and subsequently expanded to the Middle East and Africa.

One of the participants, Mr. Matthew Adewole, a Senior Crown Manager with the company remarked: 'With Edmark, I moved from zero to naira per month in just a year plus. A lot of my downlines have also attained fantastic monthly income levels and qualified for car and house.'

Mr and Mrs Lucky Paul and Julie Awulor were the first Nigeria Double Crown Managers in the company. They listed seven positions available for every distributor with the company; manager, sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond, crown and double crown. They added that bonuses, travelling fund, car funds and housing funds are the benefits attached to the positions.

'We are one of the beneficiaries of all the noble promises of Edmark business. We stand firm to say that we are real achievers in Edmark International Network business. We embraced it with enthusiasm. This is because we have so much belief in Edmark business in terms of the efficacy of their products and their ability to deliver to distributors as promised,' they said.