I'd Rather Bomb ASO ROCK Than Have My Children As Slaves. (A warning to leaders marked by the beast)

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu
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I'll rather have all the senators, the house of assembly members, and even the Aso Rock-all those who squander more than 25 percent of the national budget bombed and wiped out than have my children continue in slavery to this hell called Nigeria and its politicians. It does not matter who amongst these evil leaders are reading this and planning on how to stretch their "human looting" to me, you will perish in your thoughts! I'll rather have all PDP chieftains and all they have stolen in decades wiped off the earth than let my children feel the helpless pain I was born into and have lived with because of Nigeria. I would rather start every form of evil with those leaders who, from every angle, compel Nigerians into all forms of evil as means for survival. I would rather be a friend of Osama Bin Laden, though dead, than shake hands with these black monsters who call themselves "honorables" in Nigeria. And my life is not more precious to me than uprooting every tree of evil in my land and destroying those soulless leaders and restoring to those who live within Nigeria the freedom that is rightfully theirs as citizens of life. These are the silent and helpless cries in every Nigerian youth's soul, the cries of people who, with me, abhor the evil foundation of Nigeria and its leadership.

Ndigbo saw Nigeria on time as the seat of the Antichrist himself and decided to leave but everyone shouted NO! Since Biafra went on exile, everyone now sees the mark of the beast on all our leaders. When I consider most Igbo leaders, I regret not knowing Bin laden personally because I would have taught them a lesson on the dangers of fear; I would have fished them out from their comfort zones and dealt with them just as their silence has dealt with the very people they claim to represent. If I were the inspiration that brought about all the movement in the Nigeria Delta, I would have turned those I charged with my mission for liberation to madness since they have left their duties and resorted to enriching themselves. And if I were the brains behind Boko Haram I would have shown them how to correctly aim on their targets by shooting down some of them right before others. I commend Chief Ralph of MASSOB for his bravery and resilience so far, but has it not yet been made clear that Nigeria will never budge without guns and bombs in your arms as this has been proven to be the only language that Nigerian government understands? Can't you see that this evil called Nigeria will never leave you until you cast it out with thunderous blasts?

For over 50 years Igbo leaders have become what their fathers never were-lambs for the slaughter, and have comfortably settled there. Instead of taking advantage of the state of the present world to gain freedom for their posterity, they are busy envisaging an Igbo presidency, tenure in, tenure out, in a country that is not theirs. The Niger Delta militants and leaders make mockery of their posterity by always asking for the crumbs of what is theirs from the hands of the legal thieves. Now, the Boko Haram sect, in their seeming irrelevance, has shaken everyone; yet their apparent ignorance irritates me: Your goal is a Sharia-governed state but the Nigerian government says, "No," why did you then leave your enemies and bombed your brothers? Is it hard for you to know that those politicians sitting in various places of embezzlement and callousness who have refused us a Sovereign National Conference or even a break-up of the country which is long overdue are your core enemies and, therefore, core targets?

Nigerian youths are the most frustrated on earth, not because they don't have anything, but because their inheritances are in the pockets of a few witches and wizards before whom every good thing is an offense. But to the youths, I say: Unless you become mad individually and collectively, these old evils will never release to you what is rightfully yours. They steal what belongs to you, save them overseas for their generations unborn while they turn around and make you their gatemen, cleaners, chauffeurs, cooks, and body guards. And you seem grateful. Instead of using the guns given you by these politicians to kill your poor school friends and innocent Nigerians who are struggling like you to survive, is it not wiser to use it on those who have turned you into mere errand boys, into their slaves? Instead of kidnapping and abducting the fathers and children of those whose mottos is "A luta continua," why don't you go for the bigger catch-why not go for commissioners, governors, MPs and all those bloated with blood money? You get frustrated in Nigeria, out of Nigerian schools, and out of the labor market; some of you sell all you have and even borrow to leave the country (your wealth) and start a new kind of slavery in another man's land whereas a single moron, one of those ill-mannered and illiterate law makers who fight publicly as a means of making laws, divides the national money amongst themselves. A U.S. President, whose country's GDP is about US$13Trillion/year earns about $250,000 annually while a Nigerian senator, in a country with GDP of about US$45 Billion/year earns about US$1,500,000 annually. My God! And most times, the majority of you end up in jails or graves in foreign lands as a result your home leaders. The worst now is that the senate is arranging for more prisons where Nigerian youths, chased out of the country by these very leaders' wickedness and into different prisons all over the world, would be exchanged and brought home and dumped in to rot. Instead of doing what is right, they prefer turning you mad and then cuffing you up and into dungeons while their children celebrate life all over the world. If most of you have the guts and courage to carry drugs into countries which attach death penalty to it, (like the two caught sometime ago with ingested drugs headed for Malaysia, and the one who just died on the plane because of the same risk in drug trafficking to Malaysia) just because you must survive and take care of your families back home since what we have in Nigeria is not a government for the people but a group of armed robbers sitting in government offices, what stops you from going directly after those holding your wealth at home with the same courage and fearlessness?

The Nigeria Labor Union is a major disease in Nigeria, a chronic disease; and its leaders are the viruses. The labor force of any country is its human and democratic power, but NLC has turned into a generation of beggars. You fix dates for strikes and you cancel it because you have no vision for the people you claim to represent and because your leaders have collected their shares of the national loot and now want everyone to think with the brains of these political witches and wizards. Shame on you, NLC leaders! It's your duty to gather the national labor force for a mass demonstration against bad governance and demand, once and for all, a total change. A few pot-bellied people gather and share the nation's wealth among themselves and their children while the NLC still finds it difficult to defend the rights of all labor members to a mockery of a salary. Again, shame on you NLC leadership!

In all these the worse people are some of the ones who call themselves "shepherds of God's people." Their matter offends the more because of the very sensitive position they occupy in the lives of the people. They think that their faith in God is a call to a life of selfishness, and so, they do not care what happens to other people in the country as long as their psychic power of hypnosis still earns them their own kind of loot by working on the unsuspecting members and adherents who fuel these so called shepherd's luxury with their blood and the little they have in the name of "offerings to God." Most of the religious leaders we have in Nigeria are the forerunners of the Antichrist that is about to fully confront Nigeria soon. They tell you that religion and politics do not meet and that Christians should not be concerned with what is going on in the polity if they have faith in God "for their supplies," yet they, for the sake of their passion and love for money and worldly lifestyles, often refuse to speak the truth but instead, limit sermons to a lullaby of "sow and ye shall reap," raising up a generation of religious psychos who feel totally lost and helpless without their religious opium. They have totally forgotten or ignored the fact that God is the only and eternal sovereignty and that all governments fall under him. If God is the head of kingdoms, which was shown through the works of the "men of God" in the past, why then do they shy away from speaking against and challenging the wickedness in the land and still expect people to believe that they are messengers of the true God? The Islamic leaders in Nigeria wear their beliefs and duties round their necks while our Christian leaders drink the blood of their flocks down their throats. Is it because they are afraid of death which they claim to have experienced in Christ or is it because they are a part of the whole evil team? No! They are of the devil. The answer is clear enough. Nigerians have been fooled enough by political leaders but nothing compares to the destruction of vision, will, strength and faith on the masses by most of these religious looters. Have you ever asked yourself why your pastor should live in the most secure areas of the city, drive the latest cars, have spare jets, wear the latest outfits and eat the best meals with your supposedly "offerings and seeds to God" while you and your family are almost reaching the point of madness as a result of constant fasting and praying? In Jesus' time, he did not concern himself with the treasury and he fed his sheep, not with words alone, but with signs, wonders, miracles and food; but these ones have sole signatory to the churches' account and would want to drain you of the little you have for your family with their story of sowing and reaping, a theory most of them do not even believe in. If these Christian Pharisee and Sadducees see a true man of God whom God uses to cater for people's' spiritual and material needs just as Jesus did in His time, they call him an antichrist whereas they are the very ones who crucify Jesus on moment-by-moment basis with their furnished hypocrisy. Did you ever read to find out the lives of the Bible-days men of God? Go and study for yourself because nothing is as strong a conviction as what you discover for yourself and no belief can change your life as the one you believe for yourself, not the one another forces you to hold dear as a result of his gluttonous and demonic schemes.

Enough of these religious gigolos, enough of them playing with the weak and the sin-tormented feeble! Go to God and be free instead if you carry a load of sin. I would that I had the opportunity of acquainting with Osama Bin Laden before he died so I could be equipped with all I need to, not fight the West, but wipe out every evil Nigerian political Leader, both traditional and political. In the quest for my rights on earth, I would rather die a new "Osama Bin Laden" than a "Saro Wiwa." I would rather challenge my overbearing enemy than resort to attacking my innocent, helpless, harmless and struggling neighbours. I would rather be a suicide bomber against the Nigerian government than live through life in a hellish Nigeria. If I were the young Farouk, I would rather have begun my charity work at home where and when senators and MPs convene instead of going to an all-round rich America. Oh! Since it's become clear that only in violence will Nigeria fulfil its destiny of allowing people their freedom which is the peace of all, I wish I had the explosive force needed to face the government instead of the poor masses. I would rather bomb the Aso Rock, the seat of power (if it means a thing) in Nigeria than have my children grow up in fear and frustration, watching the children of these politician robbers squander within days what is enough for a generation. But sadly then, when I often think of it, I recall: "If wishes were horses, beggars might ride." Since I do not have incorruptible lawyers to plead my case, faithful militants to fight my course at all costs, nor soldiers to wage every war necessary in my defence, what should I do then? I will rejoice in the God of justice and vengeance; that God whose words are infallible, who will judge even Satan and hell, their father and abode, and believe in Him to perfect his works in Nigeria. There is a time and a season to everything, and one day soon, Nigeria's wicked and occult politicians will meet their waterloo. By the blood, I will be at the right end here on earth amongst those who will rejoice in the victory of heaven over hell and her sons. But until that time, let wishes become dreams and dreams, sincere prayers.and convictions. Who can stop a man of convictions?

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]

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