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Award-winning R&B diva, Chante Moore, will be in Lagos live to help raise funds and awareness to the plight of those suffering acute renal failure in pregnancy. She will be doing this through a concert that would take place on August 20, 2011, at Habour Point in Lagos.

The concert, which is being put together by the True Health Foundation in conjunction with Virtual Exchange, is aimed at raising awareness of the people to the rise of chronic renal failure in Nigeria, and to raise funds to help those suffering from the ailment, especially since cost for the treatment of renal failure has gone way beyond the reach of the average Nigerian.

That is why True Health Foundation, a charitable organization, has come out with a plan to help those with life-threatening ailments. The foundation started this mission by providing dialysis facilities in selected government-owned hospitals in the South-West.

Specifically, this programme is to help pregnant women suffering from acute renal failure in pregnancy. When asked why she is devoted to people suffering from kidney failure and why she is looking out for pregnant women in the society, founder of True Health Foundation, Stella Emmanuel, stated that Nigeria had the highest infant mortality rate in the African continent.

With an infant mortality rate of 100 deaths per 1000 live births, this is disheartening, especially when compared to other African countries and also because I was once suffered from renal failure and the experience was not pleasant as I had to deal with it for four years and after I came out of it I realized I was one of the fortunate ones who could afford the required care. So, I decided to start this foundation to help those without the means.

Aside the provision of treatment for those suffering from life-threatening ailment, True Health Foundation will also assist non-terminally ill patients by providing counseling and treatment. It will also engage in charitable work by providing medical assistance, food and clothing to the ill, less privileged and orphans, and to promote any charitable cause for the benefit of the community.