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It is hard to say sometimes if man is progressing or regressing. Tea Party and extremists wage war on everyone, cause riots on the streets and dead against infrastructure to provide jobs. Rioters on the street of London, New York, Paris, Tel Aviv Athens, Tunis etc were forsaken by Tea Party admirers: dictators, rulers, presidents, and prime ministers. So liberals preach tolerance and conservatives lost control of extremists yearning for the old days when every man was for himself and God for us all. They forgot that capitalists had to embrace welfare to save us from ourselves. If the minority Tea Party selfishness is not contained as the rioting youth on the streets, revolts will consume all of us.

The way the world came out of the depression was through massive spending that got youth and able bodies back to work. By the way most of the spending was on war and the able bodies were mostly soldiers. As if you do not know, governments provided the funding. In wars, there were no debates where the money came from. Indeed, Tea Party has no time to think that deep. Since then, most of the wars are of choice localized in certain parts of the world as advocated by minority extremists' bombs and radicals' fire. We cannot shield our children from our violence glorified all over the world.

Another massive spending was on infrastructure. Again, most of the massive spending was by governments for roads, railways, clean water, sewage system that reduced infectious diseases, etc. The government also made provision for public safety, schools, subsidized agriculture. Private and public educations were encouraged. In the early stages of development and after a deep recession, governments have never shied away from its responsibilities to give the economy a jump start. Not now, says Tea Pot Party. They are throwing old people under the bus after empowering children against parents.

Developing countries are being encouraged not to spend heavily on infrastructure and agriculture as the developed countries did and to let private enterprises create the jobs needed for development and agriculture. There is a self serving interest here, African countries do not have the companies with the equipment and technologies to embark on most of these endeavors. So the preachers are members of international companies through their politicians generating market for them in developing countries.

The price to pay for neglect is protests, civil, criminal disobedient and riots everywhere until jobs are provided. When we see youth rioting because of the last straw that breaks the camel's back, we need to look deeper inside for causes of rioting in developing and developed countries instead of playing holier than thou by advocates of Tea Party. It is one view to blame youthful exuberance but quit another when unions revolt against government that have constitute themselves into scabs or strike breakers so that they can give more to those that already have more than enough. Next may be Gray Power.

If those youth that riot during the black out in New York in 1977, in France 2005 and now in Britain in 2011 had jobs to go to and families that held them responsible, they will not be on the streets. In Tunisia, it took one guy after graduating from university with no job and a small petty business of his own to feel violated by a corrupt society whose police wanted to take from the little he had. Dictator started falling in the Arab world and the developed world point fingers with Tea Pot Party democracy: Tea Pot smoking minorities. They hate to create government jobs to maintain old infrastructure.

While most of the developed countries have not built infrastructures in years as they are still depending on those built by their parents and grandparents, it allows them to move on to new technologies. These new technologies are very attractive to members of developing countries. So we have demands not only for infrastructure but also for new technologies. This is where we get into trouble because of lack of priorities. We can build on power generation that will provide electricity to drive modern technology or their buy modern gadgets first without power. We can build roads, railways and bridges to drive our vehicles or buy the best cars and no roads to drive them.

The developing countries have been milked for centuries in slaves, raw material and cheap labor and the profit going to lords and masters of international companies. As poor countries see through colonial hypocrisy, they claim the reason they migrated out of developing countries is because the international companies were in their countries to sell and exploit. So the immigration gate is shut but the population in the developed world is getting older with smaller support base. Instead of decimating middleclass and paying their fair tax, they want more from the poor. They fought war without paying for it, give themselves tax break without disclosing where it is coming from. Their cronies create world financial meltdown and then bailed themselves out, as if they hate it.

Who are they blaming? Those old folks and youth that never gained from the mess and recession they created giving most of the wealth to a minority few at the top to widen the gap between the rich and the poor. If they do not squeeze the last drop of blood from the poor and have their way, they are ready to melt world economy down. They call themselves pot smoking Tea Pot Party with branches and influences in USA, Britain, Greece, Ireland, Spain and Italy. They all sound the same: we cannot afford to take care of the poor and we must cut their benefits. Pushy minority how much profit is enough?

African countries are almost stuck in the early stages of development, so most of the infrastructure must be borne by it. We have strayed from basic provision and caught up in the development of others that passed and fear our development. We would have been better off and still better off specializing in the best diamond, gold, groundnut, rice, gari, cocoa, coal or oil manufacturing second to none in the world if we can stay focus. Primary industries of locally produced products could have turned secondary.

Even in those industries created beyond the support of locally produced specialists, we have failed to sustain them and worse still, selling them off through middle men that are actually politicians, back to the builders at ridiculous prices. Ghana gold industry sold with concessions as in Nigeria. The story of Enron in India, East Africa and Nigeria is a case in point where developing countries were actually defrauded big time. Still, the greed of our politicians let them repeat the same deal over and over again since the upfront money is not coming out of their pocket. It is a matter of depositing funds from our treasury to their favorite banks and withdrawn as loan to buy back government.

Sooner or later, if African leaders cannot learn from youth riots all over the world and create jobs by massive spending on infrastructure, they are fiddling while Africa is burning.

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