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As the governor of Imo State Owelle Rochas Okorocha evolves strategies to uplift Imo people and deliver dividend of democracy, Hon. kingsley Dimaku, representing Ehime Mbano State Constituency in the House of Assembly has assured that the House, regardless of party affiliation, would support Govrnor Okorocha in his effort to develop the state.

According to him, the former governor of the state, chief Ikedi Ohakim did great job in the state in terms of infrastructural development hence he urges Okorocha to continue from where he stopped. He spoke to Daily Sun recently

My agenda for Ehime Mbano
As a lawmaker, my first and foremost function is to make laws that will affect my people positively, the people of Ehime Mbano and Imo state deserve the best in the new Assembly and I owe them a duty to attract development to the state. So within the four years, I will strive and do my best by moving motions and bills that will affect my people and attract development. I will give youth empowerment more attention as the governor, Okorocha is on rescue mission in the state and the only way he can rescue the state is by providing employment, which will move youths away from crime.

Rochas working in midst of majority of PDP law makers

One thing is clear, after election nobody talks of party again. You are no longer identified by your party but a lawmaker, governor of the state, national assembly member or president of the country because 'I am elected under the platform of PDP but I am elected to represent the people of Ehime Mbano State Constituency and our governor was elected under the platform of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) but he is elected to serve the people of Imo State and not his party so it is our duty to work across party to ensure the people of the state reap the dividend of democracy.

Having lost the state, what is PDP in the state doing to reconcile its aggrieve members?

One thing I always say during my campaign was unity even in the church at Agbaje few weeks ago, I asked the mother of my friend and brother, Hon. Ifeanyi Agwu who wanted to contest against me on the platform of Action Congress of Nigeria ACN but withdrew later and asked the people of Ehime Mbano to vote for me to come and praise God with me during my thanksgiving service. So in my constituency that is the beginning of reconciliation.

However as a member of the State Assembly and a stakeholder in the party, I will reach out to as many leaders as possible to unite members of the party in Ehime Mbano. Despite the fact that some left the party for another to pursue their political ambition, yet now that election is over, it is time we mend fences and move the state forward. Also I made it clear in the church that whosoever I offended in the cause of the election should forgive me. Most importantly in spite of party affiliation, we in the state house of assembly will work with his excellency Okorocha to move the state forward, it is time to build.

Ohakim's four years reign
Ohakim is from my zone, which is Okigwe. He may have his shortcomings just like every other person, but in terms of infrastructural provision, he tried at least in owerri. He did not do anything in Okigwe zone where he comes from hoping that in his second term he will develop Okigwe and that never happened, as God wants it. In his own way he improved on what the late Sam Mbakwe did in Owerri but we all know that the new governor Okorocha will continue from where Ohakim stopped. For me, Ohakim made his own contribution and it is left for others to do their bit also.

Dissolution of LGA administration and Council of Traditional rulers

The dissolution of third tier of government in Imo State by the new administration in the state is a case in the court and until the court rules, we won't say who is right or wrong. The governor knows how to govern the state and would do anything to reposition Imo for good governance and the aggrieve are free to seek redress in the court. On the issue of dissolution of the council of traditional rulers, I don't know how they got their staff of office because I wasn't in the past administration and the governor knows better and took decisions base on what he knows. However, presently the house is on recess and when we resume we can take a look at the issue.

Free education in Imo, how possible is this?
It has commenced because it was in the governor's manifesto and he has decided to implement it and we are behind him. In fact we have made contributions to fund education in Imo from our security votes. So, it is something we all welcomed and it is in the heart of the governor.