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Hi. Do you agree with Shirley Dobson, chairman, United States National Day of Prayer 2011 that "We have lost many of our freedoms because we have been asleep?" Have Americans, westerners and the church of God developed a surrender value in the face of relentless move by secularism to banish Christian ethics and values in the west?

Did the western media commit journalistic seppuku in its well considered inaction over Tom McMaster's "an out Syrian lesbian" under Bashar al-Assad? Why did the princes of western media fall for this fake but accurate hoax? Is there a difference between this story and the overzealous enthusiasm of the western media to be the uncritical voice of Gaydom? Is there any difference between Sodom and Gomorrah? THE INTERCOURSE suggests that gay adoption is a system of commendation. Just as Monterlembert labeled commendation “the leprosy of the church,”THE INTERCOURSE regards adoption by Gaydom as “the leprosy of marriage.” It is “a system of outdoor relief” for gays and lesbians who purposefully reject the biological vocation of procreation. Do you disagree? THE INTERCOURSE disagrees with new forms and ideas of pietal parenthood that Gaydom is studiously and strenuously trying to promote. The children adopted by homosexuality have become indulgences sold for a rich enhancement a la Elton John and David Parish: Give these children first class secular education, choice cars, foreign travel, the latest toys and thy sins are forgiven thee! The truth is that it is not earnestness of such acts but the irony that will backfire many years from now. Any contrary view? THE INTERCOURSE advises Gaydom to study the terrible effects of forced adoption of aboriginal children by white families Down Under many years ago and learn one or two lessons. Is it true that gays and Jews rule the world? Is the Holy Bible silent or supportive of homosexuality? Who are the future face of Episcopalian church: Supporters or opponents of gay priesthood? Would there have been shouts of joy in the UK if Duke William had married a Mr Middleton instead of Duchess Katherine? What is the name of HM Queen Elizabeth's capital city: London or LONDONISTAN?Why has this great center of learning, tourism, technology and commerce become the natural relocation home state of Islamic radicals from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and other Stans? What uneasiness has Whitehall's truce and tolerance with open denunciations of western democracy and society by Islamic terrorists and hate preachers caused in European capitals? What made an eminent British scientist who regally outmaneuvered the KGB to take leave of the United Kingdom and pitch his considerable skills with NASA? Why did the White House receive him royally?

Is the gay community in the West suffering from incipient, but potential weak competencies, burn out, trusted lies, conflicting priorities and impending implosion even as it rejoices and celebrates its mainstreaming? Is there a whiff of sleaze, stunt and spin about the Confident Gay? Is Gaydom a moral mercy killer or an innocent morals-at-large ambassador? Could Dutch courage and the Prophet cartoon type aggressive response by Muslim faithful be ascribed to its political gains as against reason and conviction? Did Gaydom achieve self-censorship in the western media that ingloriously lampooned Africa, with a tinge of premature bias, as the land of tolerant homosexuals in the 1970s and 1980s? What's your take of western homosexuality: Émigré nobility or persecuted atheists?

What made a distinguished English scientist flee the UK and place his considerable skills at the disposal of the CIA? Who is the senior boy in the game of intelligence: the M16, the CIA, the FSB, the MOSSAD or the MI5?

Who is the senior boy in the game of intelligence: Russia's ex-KGB and its successor institution the FSB, the UK's M15, American CIA or Israel's MOSSAD? Even as the Americans and the world over the death of al Qaeda founder and terrorist-in-chief Osama Bin Laden, is it to your notice that the MOSSAD rescued a Jewess from the clutches of death right in Hitler's super fortified headquarters? Has any one brought to your notice details of the first and only recorded trial – a dream trial – of Nazi leaders, pre-Nuremberg? Is the CIA, weighed down with cash and equipment, still playing catch-up to the FSB and MOSSAD in the critical areas of human intelligence penetration and information interpretation, the laudable killing of super terrorist Osama Bin Laden notwithstanding?

Jews are famously credited with controlling American governments, legislatures, academia, the media and entertainment industries. But did US governments receive and treat fairly Jewish scholars and scientists fleeing Nazi occupied Europe? Is America really the Jews' favorite orchard? Republika, a Lithuanian tabloid in the early hours of the 21st century screamed: "Who rules the world?" It's answer: "Jews and gays!"Citing "typical Jewish characteristics," Russian nationalists, editors and political elites in 2009 called for all Jewish organizations to be proscribed. In Concerning The Jews and Their Lives, Martin Luther wrote in 1546: "Let me give my honest advice. First, their synagogue or church should be set on fire....Secondly, their houses should be broken down and destroyed. Thirdly, they should be deprived of their prayer books and the Talmud... Fourthly, their rabbis must be forbidden under the threat of death to teach anyone... Fifthly, passport and traveling privileges should be absolutely forbidden to Jews. Sixthly, they ought to be stopped for usury. Seventhly, let the young and strong Jews and Jewesses be given the flail, the axe, the hoe, the spade, the distaff and spindle...." Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem hobnobbed with Adolf Hitler, the god of murderous Nazism in the early ashes of WW 11. The two despots fellow-shipped over how to execute the "Jewish problem." Yusuf al-Qaradawi is the intellectual poster boy of the Muslim Brotherhood. Wrongly revered in the west as a moderate Muslim, he revealed the Brotherhood's earth scorch Israeli policy in an interview with Al Jazeera translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute in 2009: "Oh Allah, take this oppressive, Jewish Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers and kill them, down to the very last one." Can you then blame Pastor Terry Jones for wailing against "against the evils and destructiveness of Islam?" How old then is anti-Semitism? Where are the Mahatma Ghandis, the Martin Luther Kings, the Nelson Mandelas of Islam?

Did the Jewish state of Israel treat fairly Jewish Holocaust victims in its midst? Did the officials of the new state of Israel subtly charge Holocaust survivors with some guilt for going to the Concentration Camps? Is Israel actually the Jews' sanctuary? What degree of Jewish scholarly and international complicity helped, organized and funded the Nazi terror machine? What is the level of Jewish participation in the Nazi industrial killing fields? Was Jesus Christ gay as alleged by The Church of Satan's Corpus Christi or is The Church of Satan out to attain glory by trying to key into one of the most venerated rites of Christendom, according to true blood believers? Can any good come of Satanism? Apart from the state of Israel, there is only one country that was solely established on biblical principles right from its inception. Can you tell this country?

His Holiness Pope Benedict 1V made a well received visit to Great Britain. At the height of the debate of ordination of gay priests by US Episcopalians, the Catholic Pontiff wailed that the ecumenical discussions were at a “critical juncture.” Is there any potential for détente between the Vatican and Canterbury? Why can't Rowan Williams the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of world Anglicanism issue diktats and canons like his Catholic counterpart? How did the fisherman-like Peter Jasper Akinola, until March 2010 head of the Anglican Communion Nigeria withstood the celebrated cerebral Rowan Williams in the debate about gay ordination? Which of these two blocs will become the future face of Anglicanism: Williams' liberal, rich western dioceses under sentence of diminishing membership as its churches get converted into pubs, art galleries and libraries or Akinola's African/Asian/Caribbean coalition that is bursting at the seams with conversions and biological evangelism?

Why is educator Bill Cosby PH.D and company the special enemy of young African American on the sport and hip-hop circuits? You may know of the travails of Diego Amanda Maradona, Argentina's soccer idol, troubled hero and not-so-successful coach. Ranked with the more refined and globally admired Pele of Brazil as the world's two greatest players, the Unstable One stole one on Pele when the Maradonian church made him a worshipful god! Yes, the overweight soccer magician became a god in Argentina! Surprised? Well…. Vigilant and concerned western governments wedge a heavy hammer against pedophiles, as the US commitment to prosecute a famous French filmmaker 25 years after his alleged indiscretion with minor shows. Why do corrupt, indolent Third World governments and police authorities, to their eternal shame, pretend that pedophilia is not in their midst?

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