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On march 26th of this year,Bishop Oyedepo acquired his fourth private jet which worth around five billion naira.

The private jet,a Gulfstream V was declared to the over 10,000 worshippers who thronged Canaaland on Sunday March 27th,by the bishop himself.
The bishop said the new jet will be used exclusively for the ministry's African Mission.

In his speech on Sunday,the bishop also announced that a state-of-art private aircraft hanger that can accommodate five jets at a time is being built for his jets near the international wing of Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

All that being said,those in the know argued that keeping a total of four private jets in the hanger is a form of extravagance judging by the amount of money that will be required to maintain the aircraft.

However,research revealed that on average,a hanger is going to cost anywhere from $200 to $3,500 a month.It's going to come down to the size of the hanger,the time needed,as well as the location.

The story now is that,Bishop Oyedepo has now put up two out of the four private jets for sale. Though the reason for his decision, we don't know but according to a reliable source close to the man of God, we gathered that it seems Bishop Oyedepo is now overwhelmed with the cost of maintaining the entire four jets which is estimated to cost millions of naira.