Ekiti LG Laws: PDP carpets Fayemi, ACN over true federalism

By Lere Olayinka
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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State has described the new Local Government laws made by the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) governor in the State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi as a further demonstration of the party's (ACN) contempt for true federalism, saying; "The law is against all democratic norms and practices in Nigeria and the United States of America (USA) from where Nigeria's presidential system of government was copied."

The PDP said in a statement issued by the State Chairman, Chief Bola Olu-Ojo that; "A Local Government law that vested the power to appoint Secretaries to Local Government, Supervisors and aides, including Personal Assistants to democratically elected council chairmen on Fayemi is not only obnoxious but retrogressive."

Olu-Ojo asked; "Can the governor of New York make appointments for the Mayor of New York city?"

He said it was sad that a party like the ACN that prides itself as an apostle of true federalism in the country was the one, whose governor has annexed the third tier of government to himself as part of his personal estate.

"It is highly unfortunate that in Ekiti State, which is being ruled by a party that is at the forefront of agitation for true federalism, such a law that empowers the State governor to appoint people into political offices in the 16 local councils was made.

"With this development, no one should be in doubt as to the hypocrisy of the ACN and its leaders to their agitation for true federalism.

This is because if in Ekiti, Fayemi is now the one to appoint council secretaries, supervisors, personal assistants etc, then it shows that the ACN would have annexed all the States in the country and turn the country to a unitary state if it were to be the party in power at the center.

"In other words, if the ACN had been the party in control of the federal government, the same law vesting the power to appoint Secretaries to State governments, commissioners, special advisers and aides to governors would have been made!

"In Ekiti, there are 16 local councils presently being ruled by Fayemi's appointees, having sacked democratically elected chairmen and councillors illegally. What then happens if tomorrow, elections are conducted into the councils and parties other than the ACN win?

"Is Fayemi going to be the one to appoint political appointees into councils where parties other than the ACN win? Or, has Fayemi concluded that no party apart from the ACN will win council elections in Ekiti State? Does that also means that council elections in Ekiti has been programmed by Fayemi to be won only by his party?

"This law, to say the least, is unacceptable and it is unfortunate that the ACN dominated House of Assembly never deemed it necessary to hold any public hearing on the bill before it was hurriedly passed into law."