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They should be told that the electorate are aware that the subsidy is an evidence inefficiency, poor perception and a fallout of the Federal Government's inability to harness the black gold under Nigeria's soil for the optimal benefit of the people.

This is the 13th year of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in power at federal level, it is bereft of ideas to make the nation's four refineries produce at full capacity not to talk of building a new one.

Is it not a shame that Africa's largest oil producer is importing bleached products to augment the shortfall of home production for local consumption. The governors want to take back from workers the increase in salary in form of hike in fuel prices. They have forgotten that those in the private sector and the self-employed may have to wait for sometime before the spiraling whirl on the new minimum salary pool reaches them.

As transport is central to the economic activities of the nation, any hike in the price of petroleum products will undoubtedly kick-start a fresh rise in inflation that may toe the path of hyper-inflation that would send the economy into tail spin.

In a word, the Federal Government's incessant claim of paying huge amount of subsidy on bleached products consumed in the country is a ruse and blackmail against the people. If those in power are proactive and proved resourceful, Nigeria supposed to be exporting bleached products and not crude oil as it is the practice now. Malaysia and Indonesia are endowed with oil as Nigeria but their people pay far less for fuel than Nigerians.

From whichever perspective one may look at it, the present system of national cake sharing is not, to all intent and purposes, fair. It is lopsided. The executives at the various tiers of government and the legislators are taking the lion share, leaving little or crumbs for capital development and workers. Their productivity is not commensurate with what they take from the nation's pool.

The Central Bank Governor, Lamido Sanusi's declaration last year that members of the National Assembly - the Senate and House of Representatives consumed more than 50 per cent of the concurrent expenditure of the federal annual budget was an exposee. The lawmakers' only defence of devouring the nation's collective wealth is that the ministers, aides and advisers to the president are also taking mind-boggling salaries and allowances. In a word, government in Nigeria is for profit. Any other claim is nothing but deceit.

In Britain, there are many government workers earning more than the prime minister not to talk of other ministers tagged secretaries and advisers.

Is it not regrettable that Nigeria is rich but her people are poor. Insensitive government you say.