From Islamic Banking to Constitutional Amendment Brouhaha

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Nigerian political landscape is witnessing terrifying drama and melodramas emanating from proposed Islamic Banking and tenure elongation constitutional amendment. The two developments have generated a roof hitting tension ignited by some adherents of the two  faiths , and protagonists and antagonist of tenure elongation.

  On Islamic banking (interest free banking) oppositions under the captainship of Chairman of Christian of Nigeria are up to something discerning and rational minds are struggling to comprehend. Their unreseanable resistance is not premised on how introduction of Islamic Banking will injure their spirituality but pure whimsical trips of desecreating a noble idea.We will not fail to telling "Mordern Crusaders" that Islamic Banking is not an Islamic Jihad outfit but another form of banking present in many Western countries; the so called seat of Christiandoom.

  Some petty myopic minded element are imitating the ostrich and rolling wise by half by saying the nomenclature of Islamic Banking be changed from Islamic Banking to Inerest-free banking. The question is: if the name is change as suggested by their amendment, will it alter the banks nodus operandi? Not at all. Then, let them come out in plain language and tell us what their real motive is.

  On constitutional amendment, this is the second move since PDP colonise Nigerian political scape 12yrs ago. The first was in 2005 in what was called Sen. Mantu's Constitutional Amendment Committee.Mantu's committee was unpopular like midnight death, and so it was assasinated and buried in the Red Chambers of Nigerian senate.The same people are up on another amendment misadventure, this time with a single item of 7yrs single term for Mr President and State Governors.Well, we were only given dregs of the details of the amendments, we shall get to know the nitty gritty in due course.

  There is not denying the fact that our 1999 constitution is littered with many lacunas. From the preamble, which states: we the people of Nigeria do thereby give ourselves this constitution.....where and when did we sit and give ourselves the 1999 constitution? The inalienable truth is, some junta sat and helmed a document,and hurried out of political stage because of domestic and international pressure to handover in the shortest possible time.There are other uncountable grey provisos truly desiring dusting, and convoluted sections needing strengthening.

  However, we must also admit the fact that there is no constitution in the world that is a perfect document; not even the much celebrated US constitution of over 200yrs old is seen as such. Similarly,most of the legal documents of nation states have undergone amendments- including communist enclaves like Cuba,China and North Korea. More to this, time and situations makes natural or man made changings desirable. So, both the 2005 Obasanjo and present Goodluck's moves are not ahistorical or a behaviour outside the culve, It is within the ambiance of our 1999 constitution.

  The headache many are had and are having with OBj,GLJ and PDP's amendments borders on time, intents, and the situation in the country.Obasanjo started late and his intent of altering term limit at the last leg of his second tenure annihilated his effort.

  The recent adventure will certainly suffer complicated fractures because of circumstances that led to GLJ's emergence within his party, and at the general polls.His kinely contesed victory against his party's internal power formulae and at the poll has planted a mustard seeds distrust in the heart of a section of the country.Consequently, this move by him and supported by a brigade of his fanatical psycophants will land on hard infertile northern Nigerian political ground. And that will certainly manifest in decisions most of the houses of assemblies will take against PDP and GLj's amendment- despite the fact that most of the houses of assemblies are colonies of PDP.

  The quandaries of the blackman's most populous home is not tenure pegging of executives but life threatening snags desiring emergency tackling with a bull determination by our politico-economic doctors.This move is tantamount to taking away the eye from the ball and straying to an endless wilderness of fruitless misadventure that will be enjurious to the body polity.

  Mr. president must concentrate on keeping faith with his campaign promises and transform the country from it's present unfortunate status to a state of milk and honey. Let him set the pace to our journey to greatness as envisioned by our founding fathers. His quest will only give psycophants opportunity to spillage the country's accounts and encourage leaders to steal to keep the inordinate project alive.

  Sequel to above, I wear a stone face on this move, and urge NASS to patriotically strangulate to death the proposed amendment without any microcosmic iota of pity.