Go to any African major city airport, there are usually variety of people traveling out and into the city. What is more pronounced these days is the number of interracial couples coming back , traveling out or seeing foreign parents and spouses off. It used to be black and white, now you find spouse from far places from Africa. It is no wonder that Chinese and Japanese are part of them. It could be the love of Chinese food that is working or the exotic taste. Food is an important cultural attraction too.

Asian women have come a long way! They are only expressing personal choice other liberated women have enjoyed for a long time. It used to be a big thing to see white women and black men in a relationship. No more. The shoe is now on the other foot. White women are wondering just as black women do about them: if Asian women are conquering white men depriving them of partners. It is a myth, any women that knows how to treat a man and any man that knows how to treat a woman fairly, will keep one.

The new Asian immigrant ladies are hot. They never used to come as singles out of Asia and are usually married, following their husbands to other countries, like African women. There were few places one could see Asian men or women in the seventies except in the university libraries and China towns. When we relaxed at nightclubs on weekends in those days, no Chinese or Japanese could be found around. Well, a lot has changed, fast forward to twenty-first century.

It must be noted that there were Chinese and Japanese in Africa and the Americas way back and some Native Americans share the same features. These Natives and those that were put in camps in America during the war with Japan, are out of this discussion. In Africa some of the Chinese came to build the railways. At the same time they used to keep to their own communities as in California as well as China towns, so they hardly mix anyway.

The recent Japanese and Chinese immigrants have displayed overpowering influence of nurture over nature. The Filipinos were one of the first of the recent Asian immigrants that broke out of their environment. As the Asian men and women adapt to local food, the women start developing curves never seen before amongst their parents in Asia. These curves attract European men falling for boobs and African men falling for buddies or the exotic look. These characteristics are well pronounced in their second generation increasing interracial marriages.

Indeed before the flow of immigrants, Africans, Europeans and Americans that traveled far and wide either for pleasure or study marry home Asian Susies. On the other hand, we do not see that many Asian men marrying outside their cultures. Even those that did study outside home send or bring their wives with them. The same was true of African men since most of the African women in Europe and America were married in those days. These men found out that once the women get adapted, they are all the same.

The ladies are not waiting and interracial marriages are more common these days. The US census also bears out the number of people putting down non-white and none-black are on the increase. We wonder what the hell they are! Some call themselves Afro-Asian Europeans. They are not in any appreciable number to threaten the existence of any cultural or ethnic group, just humans expressing their choice and love across the cultures. Those men bringing back women from old countries, thinking of unadulterated cultures, also found out women are women in the same environment.

There is no cause for alarm amongst those wondering, especially white and black ladies that Chinese population will overwhelm men in Africa, Europe and America. The West Indies is the experimental spot. If Africans culture and population remain intact in those countries, nothing will change in the rest of the world. There are no other places where we have the mixture of ethnic groups than in the West Indies. Black genes is so strong, no ethnic group in the world can deny African blood in them, even in the Arctic region.

Yet, the black women in the West Indies are not short of African men. The relationship between blacks in Africa and the West Indies does not preclude marriage as in the USA and England. After all, “Stella got her Groove” from Jamaica. In Trinidad, Indians and Africans make up “Dougla”. The reason black women are not getting black men in England and America has more to do with socioeconomic situation of black men than women of other ethnic group snatching. A black man has no respect in those countries.

The latest study published by the Pew Foundation indicated that minorities as Hispanics and African families are hit harder by the recession. Median wealth of whites is twenty times that of blacks and the rate of unemployment amongst blacks is always twice those of whites. Even amongst the educated blacks, their income is not better than those of white high school graduates. The implication of this is the lack of equity in possessions of black families in United States and England that leave their children with very little.

These socioeconomic factors contribute more to shortage of eligible black men that can support a family than those taken by other ethnic groups. It is no longer true that rich black men do not see themselves as accomplished until they marry a white woman. Those days are fast disappearing. Worthy of note is that no matter where black women come from, once they enter USA and England, they suffer the same consequences as the native black women with less percentage of two family homes bringing up children.

So do not blame the exotic ladies from other places trying to make the same choice you enjoy as liberated women.

African men and women in Diaspora need to rediscover themselves and food is one of the most important cultural changes they must fall back on. Men used to provide shelter while women provide the food. There is great relationship in both. Black women have to learn how to keep their men by being themselves and rediscovering the source of their strength in cultural heritage. Nobody moves, rhythm, cook and articulate words better than a black woman. It is still true that the best way to a man’s heart is through his belly. Food is more than eating, it is also companionship, sharing and celebrating. Chinese food cannot be that deep to black and white men. Food is so important, employers use it for interviews and other animals depend solely on it. Man does not live by bread alone.

However, attitudes to food tell more about us than we care to admit. There is nothing wrong with variety of food but consciously ignoring ones’ culture has deeper meaning. Another point is the acts of cooking for some women has become passé and no longer cool. If a man meets other woman that takes food seriously, there goes your man. Food is a ritual that must be taken seriously. It is very important to eat together at least twice a week in spite of our busy conflicting schedules. If you are not eating with your spouse to develop that relationship, one of you is having lunch breaks or dinner with someone else at Mr. Biggs, Sweat-Sensation, Kentucky Fried joints, Big Mac or Mama-put-e.

Soul food in varieties like tuwo, edikan-ikan, opono, amola, kenki, isi-ewu, fufu, ofe-owerri, pilau, aki and salt fish, kuku and flying fish, corn bread, collard green, jambalaya, Cajun and jerk chicken are specialties worth learning and passing on to the next generations. Otherwise there are other exotic dishes that may appeal to your man and woman. There are many men that love to cook but they do it for pay as chef, not for fun most of the times. Any man that loves himself must also learn to cook some special dishes and if the woman can pay for shelter, we must adapt to take care of kids. Young people care less about these foods, so they eat from others.

Written by Farouk Martins Aresa.

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