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Ufuoma Stacy Ejenobor… Smile through your style


.OVER the years, Nollywood actress, presenter and model, Ufuoma Stacy Ejenobor, has been able to make a strong statement with her style because of the manner she spices it up with charming and irresistible smile.

Apart from carving a niche for herself both in the movie and modeling industry, the ex-beauty queen is indeed a stylish trend setter.

Simple, exciting, chic and glamour are words often used to describe her style. What else, for a lady, who wears her smile like crucifix?

She started in 2000 as a commercial photography model and later moved on to the runway and pageant.

By 2002, she had participated in two mini pageants, winning the Miss Ebony competition along the line. That same year, she also took part in Miss Commonwealth, and was crowned Miss Congeniality. She was also the first runner-up in the Queen Afrik Beauty Pageant in 2002.

By 2003, Ufuoma was involved in the Queen of all Nations pageant, where she was again declared the first runner up.

In 2004, she contested the Miss Nigeria pageant and emerged first runner up. Not long after, she was crowned Miss Earth Nigeria and consequently, she represented the country at the Miss Earth International Beauty Pageant held in the Philippines.

With a crown and international exposure, Ufuoma was done with pageantry.

Her career as an actress started in February 2004, when she featured in Zeb Ejiro's The President must not die. From that role, her resume has continued to grow in the acting turf.

Her role in My Mum and I as Lillian Wright earned her nomination at the 2010 Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo (Best Actress — Golden Nympn Awards 2010) and Best Actress in a Drama series — Teracotta TV and Film Awards. She was also nominated as Actor of the Year at the 2011 Future Awards and Best Actress in a TV series — Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2011.

Looking into her closet


Geek chic style has been seen on the runways in the past few years. Celebrities have adopted this look; coming out in skinny ties and pants, thick-frame specs, suspenders and tons of plaid. However, wearing this look doesn't necessarily mean you have to stick to suspenders, plaid, and oxfords; you can incorporate your own personal style, whether it's urban, boho, preppy or edgy — choose the best features and include them in your geek ensemble. Look for creative pieces that add some personality; including your own true character in any style you wear is key!

Be stylishly happy

Ufuoma defines her style as 'Happy with panache'.

Flaunt colours

Her favourite colours change from royal blue to teal and now coral. Coral occurs naturally in just about every colour — shades of blue, red, orange, pink, blue, tan, gray, lavender, white and even black. It grows fast and usually dyed to replicate a variety of natural colours, quite often, red.

Dark and Beauty

While many women have been blessed with a dark skin tone, beauty standards have changed and evolved to accommodate all varieties of complexions and features. The secret behind Ejenobor's beauty is organic stuff with shea butter, Aloe vera or coconut oil. If you have her skin tone, opt for shea butter. She adds, “I'm dark skinned and would pretty much love to remain so.”

Beauty products and make-up for dark skin

While an even skin tone is the best feature to start a cosmetic makeover with, those with dark skin are usually skeptical of trying to break through the colour schemes usually targeted at fairer skinned persons. However, a bit of ingenuity and colour-mixing know-how can change that into experimental beauty and mesmerising makeup for dark skin, be it natural or intentionally sun-tanned.

Smell nice

Just like Ufuoma, go for Estee Lauder's fragrance. It is beautiful for now.

Your style is you

Your style is your own. How you express it, is up to you. You don't have to be a fashionista to let the inner you shine through. You can definitely emphasise your beauty with a perfect smile, but keep in mind that achieving that perfection is definitely not easy. A lovely smile can instantly brighten up your look and cheer-up someone else.

According to Ufuoma, “what stands me out is Happiness. My stylist knows I must be clad with a smile when I step out.”

Ufuoma Stacy Ejenobor

Ufuoma Stacy Ejenobor

By: akoaso,Hamburg/Germa