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Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole yesterday charged the former managing director and editor-in-chief of National Life newspaper, Mr. Louis Odion, to work towards reviving the state-owned media outfits - Edo Broadcasting Services and The Nigerian Observer.

The governor gave the charge while swearing-in Mr. Odion as the commissioner for information and orientation.

'I am very confident in your ability and I expect that you would be able to help us reorganise The Nigerian Observer, a paper that used to be one of the authoritative national newspapers. With you, Observer can look forward for fresh air. The same way I want to see Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS). I believe we can do lot more than we are doing. I expect Louis will help us reposition EBS,' Governor Oshiomhole said.

Describing Mr. Odion as 'a very young, well read, well exposed and a seasoned manager' who has managed and currently managing the fastest growing newspaper that started few years back as a weekly and now a daily, Governor Oshiomhole noted that Mr. Odion had made such profound impact that there was no question that the success of that paper made several statements about his managerial ability and quality of judgment.

The governor said 'government strategy must change from that of making promises to what we have done and how we intend to accomplish what we have started,' adding that emphasis must be laid on playing politics of development so that government should be judged by its report card and not by rhetoric of others, even as he believed in the ability of Mr. Odion to help shape and present the government to the world.

In his response, Mr. Louis Odion said he came to fortify the information team of Governor Oshiomhole and promised to ensure that developmental strides of the administration are well reported.