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By Peter Egwuatu
As part of effort aimed at educating Nigerians on the importance of investing in the Nigerian capital market, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has collaborated with Nollywood to produce a movie.

The movie which was directed by the award winning personality, Kunle Afolayan centered on educating Nigerians on developing an investing culture.

Addressing newsmen in Lagos, Director General of the SEC, Ms. Arunma Oteh commended Afolayan and all the actors and actresses who made the movie a success.

She said, 'Many Nigerians are still ignorant of investing in the capital market, with only three per cent of the population in our market, while over 60 per cent of the population in the United States of America plays in their market.

There is no doubt that more enlightenment is required in our country as great opportunities abound in the Nigerian capital market.

'The people have to know that there are gains in investing in the capital market as well as the risk involved. We must let the people know the importance of investing now for rainy day.'

Continuing, she said, 'SEC decided to reach out to the general public using a medium that has long been popular with Nigerians, both home and abroad. SEC's collaboration with Nollywod represents the first time a public institution will use Nigeria's far reaching movie industry to spread a message formally.'

Oteh, said that Nollywood is a blessing to our nation and commended President Goodluck Jonathan for setting aside $200m financing fund for the movie industry.

According to her, 'Nollywod has been a great asset to our nation as it occupies the second position in the world movie industry. So we are going to use them to reach the people in order to transform our society.

'Capital market is key to transforming our nation. No people can be successful without saving and investing. We are crying for lack of employment, but with Nollywood employment would be created. So we at SEC feel honoured for partnering with Nollywood.'

She disclosed that the movie is scheduled to be released in October and will kick off a year -long series of activities to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Commission.

The movie, titled 'Breeze,' after the eponymous heroine , is a feature length comedy that aims to deliver a financial message to viewers; encouraging and educating them on financial planning, investment options and dangers of profligate spending.

The summary of the movie was centred on a popular, loving hilarious character who believes in self, skin, and beauty investments (Grace Onome Dada nicknamed Breeze).

She lives the good life and has a spouse who dotes on her and spoils her completely (holidays four to five times a year, everything that money can buy etc). The character has good intentions and is well meaning and quite intelligent just completely misdirected.