By NBF News

By Charles Mgbolu
Computer Aid International, the world's largest and most experienced not-for-profit (NFP) provider of professionally refurbished PCs will be holding series of information sessions in Kaduna, Abuja, and Ile-Ife as part of the bid to increase awareness on PC usage and improve IT capacity of Nigerians through affordable PCs.

The NFP has provided over 180,000 computers in 105 different countries since 1998 with over 13,000 professionally refurbished Pentium computers distributed to Nigerian educational institutions and non-governmental organisations as at today.

In Kaduna, Computer Aid International will be bringing Moodle eLearning and ICT4D information training packages for lecturers in tertiary institutions in conjunction with Kaduna State University and Worcester College of Technology, UK.

More than 100 university lecturers and staff are to acquire better skills in elearning course development, training and deployment. This is the third of its kind on the continent by the London-based Computer Aid International. Similar trainings have been conducted in Zambia in 2010 and Kenya in 2009.

'We are proud to be bringing this training to Nigeria and we believe it will enhance the capacity of lecturers at meeting the workplace challenges as well as improving the content and delivery of lectures in the universities,' said Computer Aid's Director of Africa Programmes Ms Gladys Muhunyo. She is leading a team of experts from Computer Aid to Nigeria.

The Moodle Training at Kaduna State University is to be followed by a Computer Aid Information Session in Abuja and then finally at the Obafemi Awolowo University Conference Centre - Ile-Ife . The entire programme runs through 18th of July to 28th of July.

The charity organisation said its July programme will be expanding its ICT4D information networking session in Nigeria as part of the overall goal of closing the information gap in the critical educational sector among critical stakeholders.

'Computer Aid prides itself on providing the highest quality refurbished PCs availably. The majority of Pentium 4 computers and laptops, are donated by UK companies such as British Airways, Sainsbury , Royal Mail, University of London, UK government departments and businesses.