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The Ekiti Justice Group (EJG) has berated the State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi over the sack of 5,300 local government workers in the State, describing the action as 'wicked, malicious, retrogressive and ungodly.'

EJG said in a statement issued in Ado-Ekiti yesterday and signed by its Coordinator, Dr Tunji Oluwasanmi, that; 'No God-fearing governor would send over 5,000 of his people to the labour market and leave for United States of America (USA) after carrying the wicked act.

'To even demonstrate the governor's contempt for Ekiti and its people, teachers, judiciary and health workers in the State have been on strike for weeks and Fayemi never bothered to ressolve the crisis. Instead, he chose to travel out of the country for the fouth time since he became governor nine months ago!'

Dr Oluwasanmi, who called on the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to come to the aid of Ekiti State workers, added that; 'Now that Fayemi has become a tyrant and a governor who takes delight in victimizing workers, the NLC must rise in defence of its members in the state.'

He said the state never witnessed such inhuman act during the three and years of the Segun Oni-led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government, noting that instead of sacking workers, over 4,000 were employed.

Workers in all the 16 councils from various cadres were affected by the action of the state. Their names were placed on the notice boards in the councils' secretariats last Friday urging them to surrender all public property in their care to the relevant authorities and stop parading themselves as officials of the councils.

July salary of the affected workers was also stopped.

'To say the least, this action of Fayemi is wicked and ungodly!

'How can you dismiss people summarily, stop their salary and later come back to accuse them of certificates and age falsification when they were not tried by any court of law or judicial/administrative panel of inquiry?

'What does Fayemi expect these sacked workers to be doing for a living now? How are they going to feed themselves and their families?

'This is the height of wickedness. It is a demonstration of Fayemi and the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN's) hatred for Ekiti people,' the group said.