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General Overseer of Christian Pentecostal Mission (CPM) Lagos, Rev. Obiora Ezekiel has condemned the attitude of Governor of Central Bank of Nigerian Mallam Lamido Sanusi for his utterances of asking Christian Association Nigeria (CAN) to go court over the proposed Islamic banking policy of the Central Bank.

Ezekiel who spoke in a press conference in Lagos recently, stated that if the agenda of Sanusi is evil, they will crash because anything that is not planted by God must be uprooted, 'No matter how you organise it, if it has some evil ideas, it will collapse without any remedy. I am not an economist or banker. As a pastor, I speak on my own, if the reason the CB

N governor asked CAN to go to court is political, it is alright. But, if there is an evil intention, it will not stand'.

He pointed out that the gate of hell shall not prevail against the church, So, Sanusi should not assume that he has written obituary to the church. 'The church will continue to shine, this is not the first time, they have tried it sometime ago, but God did not allow them to raise up vessels that would compound darkness. However, the battle is the Lord's and not something we can just fight like that'.

On the issue of President Goodluck Jonathan's agenda, he regretted that the President could not handle Boko Haram issue as well as the power supply, since he assumed power. 'What has the President done since he is there? You can see that everything is collapsing. In fact, it seems he does not know the cause of the problems facing the country'.

Ezekiel therefore suggested spiritual means as the only remedy to the nation's problems. 'How I wish they will get spiritual advice, the war in this nation will be over because it is not against flesh and blood, but against territorial spirit that is controlling this nation, which are called principalities and power that no man can handle. I know the foundation of what I am saying, if God does not build a city, the builder builds in vain'.

He described Boko Haram as people being engineered by unclean spirit. 'See the case of Osama-Bin laden, he was possessed by an evil spirit, he just died like a chicken, evil shall not reign forever, so the Boko Haram people are acting now, just give them sometime, they may be having their way today, destroying churches and property while God is watching them, they may own all machineries both home and abroad, but when God of host will arise, it will be tragic for them'.