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In a piece of under-reported news that speaks volumes of NATO's hidden agenda in its immoral war on Ghaddafi's Libya; Sudanese troops recently crossed over the Libyan border to occupy the oil town of Kufra. Yet there was no international outcry against this brazen violation of Libya's territorial sovereignty.

It is highly unlikely that the ethnic-cleansing Negrophobic Arab supremacist junta of ICC-indicted Omar el-Bashir would have the temerity to deploy troops across the border into Libya without the consent of NATO whose airforce prowls Libya's airspace attacking military convoys.

More revealing is the silence of Libyan rebel Transitional National Council which had severally tried to resume oil production in Kufra to fund their rebellion, but have been consistently thwarted by Ghaddafi's forces which repeatedly blew up oil facilities. Thus the imperative to resume flow of Libyan oil has produced a tacit alliance of not so strange bedfellows – NATO, “pro-democracy” Libyan rebels and the genocidal Sudanese junta.

Yes, the same jihadist Arab supremacist junta which over several decades massacred, raped, enslaved and ethnically cleansed our Black African kin in Darfur, Nuba mountains and South Sudan. Just two months ago these mass murdering racist Arab wannabes ethnically cleansed 100,000 indigenous Dinka from their ancestral land in oil-rich Abyei in direct violation of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

The genocidal Arab occupation's airforce is currently indiscriminately bombing our Nuba brothers & sisters in South Kordofan, while her soldiers and Arab militia wreak murderous carnage on the populace. All on the pretext of disarming Nuba fighters who were allied with South Sudanese during the decades long civil war.

The refusal of our Nuba brothers to disarm is directly linked with Khartoum's refusal to comply with parts of the 2005 CPA agreement stipulating referendum for the South Kordofan Nubas who want to join the recently liberated South Sudan.

All these years while the Arab supremacist Jihadists massacred, raped and enslaved our Black African brothers & sisters in Sudan, it never occurred to UN or NATO to intervene militarily and “protect civilians”. But hyped rumours of impending massacre in rebel held oil-rich Benghazi were sufficient to hurriedly (within days) and deceptively secure a dubious UN resolution to “protect civilians,” which in NATO-speak actually means “kill or dethrone Ghaddafi!”

It was irrelevant that there were no reported massacres in the cities Ghaddafi retook before the ill-advised UN/NATO intervention that has unnecessarily prolonged a conflict which should have ended 3 months ago.

Failing to depose Ghaddafi after weeks of bombardment and brazen assassination attempts, NATO propaganda machine upped its campaign of calumny against the Libyan leader accusing him of atrocities which Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other reputable human rights watchdogs can find no evidence of. That did not stop NATO from sending its ICC attack dog, Luis Moreno Ocampo to indict the Libyan leader for war crimes and issue an international arrest warrant…calling a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

A similar scenario played out in Ivory Coast where threats of ICC indictment failed to dislodge Laurent Gbagbo, until neo-colonial French troops deposed him. Alhassan Quattara, the French installed stooge whose rampaging thugs perpetrated the worst atrocities of that French-fuelled conflict - massacring over 800 Southern Christians in Duekoue - has so far escaped ICC indictment.

Outrages like these get me riled up against those calling for dismembering Naija. We cannot afford to give up on this potentially great African giant despite the violent intolerance of our murderous Islamist compatriots up north. Black Africa needs a strong regional power that can take down the genocidal Blacks-hating Arab supremacists in Sudan and stand up to meddlesome foreign powers running amok on the continent against the stated wishes of the toothless AU which has been calling for ceasefire in Libya to no avail.

Similarly in Cote d'Ivoire, both EU and AU observers documented serious electoral irregularities in rebel held north which Quattara purportedly won, and our pan-African organization wanted the rigging and voter intimidation investigated but was overruled by meddling outside powers goaded by France.

Back to Libya. The north African country has Africa's largest crude oil reserve, which like Nigeria's Bonny light is high grade low-sulphur, unlike the dirty stuff from Saudi Arabia - the world's largest producer.

It's therefore no surprise that Western powers which unconvincingly claim to be “protecting civilians”, are colluding with genocidal Arab supremacists in Khartoum to grab Libya's oil, which according to grapevine Ghaddafi was about to hand over to Russian and Chinese oil corporations.

Unfortunately neither Russia nor China wised up to the West's deception of masking their true agenda in Libya with lies about “protecting civilians”, otherwise they would have vetoed UN resolution 1973 which ostensibly authorized NATO's intervention.

Not that a Russian or Chinese veto would have made much difference, as Sarkozy et al had already concluded plans to topple Ghaddafi, with or without UN mandate. France has also admitted arming the Libyan rebels in direct contravention of the UN resolution 1973. In a similar vein, America invaded Iraq without UN authorization to among other objectives establish Iraq as a beacon of democracy in the Middle East.

We can all see how Iraq's democracy is flourishing with violent Jihadists running amok, Sunnis and Shiite bombing each other's mosques/neighbourhoods. More than half of Iraq's 700,000 Christians have been chased out of the country as their churches are bombed and many were severally attacked by Islamists in supposedly democratic Iraq.

This was a secular country under Saddam in which women were not obliged to wear Hijab, and Christians thrived unmolested with one of them - Tariq Aziz - rising to become Saddam's deputy. So much for establishing democracy in Arabia.

More recently in post-Mubarak Egypt, the Tantawi-led junta has been hobnobbing with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood which has pledged to fully implement Sharia, while attacks on Coptic Christians continue. Even in better enlightened “moderate” Tunisia where the Arab uprising started, there has been an upsurge in radical Islam.

There's a reason secular/quasi-secular dictators like Mubarak, Gaddafi, Ben Ali, Assad etc abound in the Arab world. They are the only ones who can keep Islamists at bay. Hold an election, and a totalitarian Islamist group like Hamas (Gaza), Al-Wefaq (Bahrain) or FIS (Algeria), which cannot be trusted to sustain meaningful democracy will seize power, as Muslim Arabs have no inkling what democracy is all about.

Hence a Zogby/University of Maryland poll conducted last year found that 84% of Egyptians endorse death penalty for Muslims who leave Islam. The recent secession by South Sudan might have been averted if the Arab supremacist Islamists in Khartoum had committed themselves to secular democracy as prescribed in CPA 2005.

It is therefore baffling that the West is again making the same mistake of naively supporting Libyan rebels to establish “democracy,” despite intelligence and news reports severally linking these rebels with Al-Qaeda.

Perhaps even more telling is the fact that there have been no Islamist terrorist attacks or threats thereof against NATO for bombing Libya, as there have been against US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. On the contrary, Al-Qaeda is in support of deposing Ghaddafi. Something is terribly amiss when Al-Qaeda and America are on the same side.

In accordance with the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya (deception), Libyan Islamists have now assumed low profile until the clueless NATO dethrones Gaddafi. If Islamists are then prevented from taking over, they will make Libya hell for the few true democrats. Just ask neighbouring Algeria what happened after FIS, the Islamist party won election but was denied power…some 150,000 Algerians lost their lives in the ensuing conflict.

Add to Libya's brewing jihadist cauldron, resurgence of primordial rivalries among her contending tribal clans - post-Ghaddafi Libya might end up like post-Saddam Iraq, or even worse - Somalia. This is particularly so as reports from towns the Libyan rebels conquered indicate they are an undisciplined bunch of rampaging thugs - hardly the sort of people that can build democracy.

Consequently many of the supposedly liberated residents of Qawalish fled after rebels recently took over.

The only nation in the Middle east that is ready for secular democracy is Iran, which despite all official Islamist posturing has the lowest mosque attendance in the Muslim world. Her resilient opposition Green movement continues to thrive despite brutal repression, but the Islamist appeasing Obama refuses to lend America's support.

Instead Obama looks helplessly as Iran – the number one state supporter of Islamist terror whose president threatened to “wipe Israel off the map” - acquires nuclear weapons and tests long range missiles that can deliver nuclear and biological/chemical warheads to Israel and Europe.

With the help of Mexican drug cartels, the Iranian sponsored Shiite terror group, Hezbollah, is infiltrating the United States through her southern border; yet the nitwit American president is busy chasing shadows bombing Libya which poses no threat to world peace.

Thus contrary to the popular liberal media narrative, the so-called Arab awakening isn't really about freedom or democracy, it's primarily about economics. This is why with the exception of Libya where the armed rebellion (not civil protests) has been revealed to be orchestrated by French intelligence, oil rich Arab nations were not affected. Remember it all started when an unemployed Bouazizi was frustrated into self immolation.

If the uprisings were really about freedom & democracy, the Saudi monarchy which runs the most repressive Arab tyranny would be the first to go.

Nafata Bamaguje

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