Labour Unions Insist On 3-day Strike Over Minimum Wage

Source: THEWILL. -

SAN FRANCISCO, July 13, (THEWILL) – Nigerian workers will embark on a 3-day warning strike from July 20-22 and subsequently followed by an indefinitely strike if government and the private sector fail to implement the new minimum wage N18, 000 ($115) nationwide as agreed in a deal between government and labour leaders a few months ago.

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had a few months ago signed into law the new minimum wage bill of N18, 000 for workers nationwide but some state governments have said they are unable to pay the new wage.

A statement from Omar Abdulwaheed, President of the National Labour Congress (NLC) said, "We are compelled to take this decision because we have come to the simple conclusion that governments at all levels in this country are not willing and are not ready to pay the new national minimum wage.

"We are therefore left with no other option than to commence a strike action that will begin on Wednesday 20th this month and elapses on Friday 22."

The minimum wage earned by workers currently stands at N7, 500 per month, about $50 (fifty USD).

Talks between labour unions and labour minister Emeka Ngozi Wogu have failed to resolve the dispute.

A strike action by Nigerian labour unions would deal a great blow to the fragile Nigerian economy which is totally dependent on proceeds from crude.