By NBF News

Unilever Nigeria Plc raised its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) profile when it unleashed its pet project on Olusosun Primary School in its area of operation when it constructed playground, football field and renovated the school building.

The company, through Mr. Thabo Mabe, Managing Director, said the renovation of some schools in its area of operation, Oregun, Ikeja is one strategic step the company is taking to fulfill part of its intent to ensure school children have a conducive place to study.

Speaking on the intention of the company to among all schools pick the above school, he said, among the six schools we visited , 'it's Olusosun Primary School that had the most pitiable site and that is why we are coming in through our pet project, The Unilever connect, which is a shift from the normal CSR initiatives known.'

According to Mabe, 'what we are doing is our strategic intent to create better life for every being, and how do we create value and better life is to touch life. We operate in Oregun and we see Oregun as important, and we see that we have a responsibility and commitment to ensure that we make a positive change on the people and the community.'

Continuing, he said, 'we in Unilever believe that human capital development is imperative in our operations, you need to identify them in their early stage, give them the life they require, because if you look around some kids do not go to school, not that they don't want to, but because the environment is not conducive enough for them to do so.

So Unilever Connect is coming to their rescue in this intent, he stated.