I found it very difficult to understand the outrage, disbielive and surprise many Nigerians expressed when they head the meaning of Boko Haram and the religious believe and their plan in Nigerian society. I was particularly surprised of the reactions of some Northern Nigerians so called Leaders. Anti western (or European) education, Culture and way of life are deep rooted in Northern Muslim society and forms the core believe of their distrust, hatred towards the South particularly the South Eastern Nigeria. The South Eastern Christian tends to be more closely associated with Western Education and tradition than any other region in Nigeria and expresses some afinity toward European culture, education and tradition.

There is really NO difference between Sharia Law and Boko Haram, both emphases anti- western ideas, both promotes violence legal system based on article written more than two thusands years ago that most countries including Muslim countries reject. Boko Haram literally means western education is sin or western education is anti-Muslim and seek to impose Sharia Law and culture on Nigerian society. Sharia Law also rejects western judicial system (a product of western Educational system) and seek to impose Islamic Law on Nigerian society. Both seek a framework within which the public and private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal, cultural and educational system based on Islamic principles. Both deal with many aspects of day to day life, including but not limited to politics, economics, traditional values, culture, business, contracts, family, sexual behavour and other social issues. For decades the Northern political elites have always maintained that western educational system is anti-muslim, hence the backwardness in education in the north when compared to the southern Nigeria. Northern Muslims definition of an educated person is any Muslim that can memorized and read Koran, believe and practice the words of Allah as is written is just as educated as any person who obtained law degree Phd or doctorate from western educational system.

Muhammed Yusuf the late leader of of Boko Haram was simply spreading the message most leaders of the Northern political establishment for years have being nurturing. More than 10 thousands Nigerians have being killed most of them Christian Igbos as result of this religious violence. Those who are inspired to organize and carry out violence acts against other religion and culture seek to bring about a disintegration of that country I will let the readers of this article determine which part of the country seek the disintegration of Nigeria. Former Governor of Zamfara State Alhaji Sani Yerima said that his wish is to transform Nigeria to a kind of Saudi Arabia of Africa where the constitution is Koran, where Christianity is illegal, where women will be stoned to dead and people's hands and legs cut off for any crime. It was the late Ayatullah Khomeini of Iran once said that Islam and politics are inseparable in Muslim religious tradition. But Democracy cannot function when mix with religion this is why there is no Democracy in the Northern states because most believe that government should be run based on Koranic or Islamic laws. In many sucessful Democracy all over the world there is a separation religion and politic in their constitution.

I challenge any one out there to name any Muslim country that practices TRUE Democracy from Middle East to Asian countries. Keep in mind that the definition of a Muslim country is one that is at least 90% Muslims according the United Nations definition of a Muslim country and Nigeria is 40% Muslims and 45% Christians, although you would not know that since the largest ethnic group Housa/Fulani is 90% Muslims hence the impression that majority of Nigerians are Muslims.

The Governor of Central bank of Nigeria Mr Sanusi Lamido announced that Nigeria will be establishing an Islamic Bank as if Nigeria is an Islamic country. Nigeria will be spending N10 Billion of Nigerian money to open an Islamic Bank and another N5 Billion for each branch all across the Northern Nigeria all paid for by Nigerian money. Each branch will have a position called Sharia law Bank advicer that will advice customers the principles of Islamic law which the bank will be based. The implication here is that most banks in Nigeria are dominated by southners Christians therefore the north must establish a banking system based on Islamic laws and tradion paid for by all Nigerians. God forbid if any one suggeste Christian Bank, the entire north will cry anti-Islam and probably use it as an excuse to kill more Southern sons and daughters like their did to corp members. So once again the Soth will prefer to keep quiet.

It will the only bank run by frderal government of Nigeria. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not against opening an Islamic bank rather I am against using Nigerian money or rather public money to open a bank that means government will be running a bank this is anti- capitalism and unfair to the souther part of the country. I am sure there are enough rich Nothern Nigerian that can open an Islamic back without the help of Nigerian People. Nigeria as member of World Islamic council is spending Millions of Dollars paying dues to an organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) that represents a minority population in the country. The North contributes less than 2 present of Nigerian economy, but consumes more than 60 percent of national budget. Mr Sanusi Lamido has refused to allow National Assembly to vote on it and Nigerian people or politicians have kept quiet because they are afraid to be labeled anti Muslim.

Emeka Collins Eke,writes from Los Angeles, California, U S A. [email protected]

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