By NBF News

…promise to correct perceived wrongs of 6th Assembly

ABUJA - MEMBERS of the House of Representatives came out from plenary with a strong resolve that the 6-point legislative agenda of Speaker Aminu Tambuwal was workable and achievable within the 4-year span of the newly inaugurated House.

Some of the Reps, who spoke to Vanguard weekend, said  the 7th Assembly was poised to right the wrongs of the past and forge ahead in the new legislative calendar.

Rep Victor Ogene, representing Ogbauru Federal constituency said 'we have perused the content of the agenda and we intend to make sure that its workability leads to positive results within the scope of time or it would form a better frame work for subsequent Assemblies in Nigeria.

'We are true representatives of the people and nothing else should be expected from us as we are here to legislate for all Nigerians, not for selected Nigerians.'

Speaking in the same vein, Rep Zakari Mohammed representing Baratin/Kaiama Federal constituency said 'it was not all about money, money but how we can make the Project Nigeria work because we are 30 years behind; imagine the Evidence Act of 1935 is what we are still relying on and so many Acts that are completely obsolete.

'The House has a lot of  things to put in shape and Nigerians should expect the best from us as most of us are eminently qualified to run the House to the admiration of Nigerians and try as much as possible to right the wrongs of the 6th Assembly.'

Rep Akpan Micah Umoh, representing Ikot Abasi/Mkpat Enin/Eastern Obolo Federal Constituency also pointed out that as far as he was concerned, members of the House were still debating the agenda as there were some fundamental issues that needed to be captured.

He said:  'We are going to ensure that the agenda sails through, though we are not expected to swallow it hook, line and sinker as we are going to look into it from all angles and ensure its workability is not questionable at the end of the day.

'There are some fundamental issues that must be properly and exhaustively considered in the agenda.   For instance, the issue of power must be taken seriously because we cannot run this country on what I call I pass my neighbour power because all countries depend on power and power constitutes 35 percent over head cost component in industrial processes.'