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Terrorists cannot shoot their way into Aso Rock. Oh no, not in Nigeria. The two most prominent terrorists clamoring for attention in Aso Rock are MEND and Boko Haram militia. The history of terrorists taking power by coup, blackmail and threat are not new. A bill in the last Joint Houses of Thieves gave pension rights to past military leaders, in essence legalizing past military coups. When some dare devils forced their ways into power and were rewarded, there are others watching and waiting for their turns.

General Buhari is closer to the truth. What is the difference between military coups, armed robbers and terrorists taking over by tulasi? Boko Haram may have started out as religious fanatics, their financiers today are not, but they are adopting them locally to wield power. If the activities of a few fanatics keep on recurring without solution in sight after multiple committees, then you know those behind them are the powerful and the mighty. Every religious and ethnic fanatic has been curbed, crushed or had the heads of the snakes cut off. So if they are still cancerous, watch out for those behind them.

It must be understood that these religious and ethnic militia can be amorphous, and metastasize into splinter organizations. The financiers of these organizations can lose control of terrorists that bite the hands that fed them. We should remember the strong man of Ibadan, late Adedibu that started as a political thug and graduated into political king maker in the West; he had asked governors to tender their security allowance for peace to reign. MASSOB and Union of transport workers were rebuffed by Governor Obi as they got used to collecting local taxes, asking him to concentrate on Federal fund.

Military, religious and ethnic champions are terrorists that got control of Government since General Ironsi forced Nigeria into a Unitary System of Government making it difficult to compartmentalize damages by local police to cut off the heads of the snakes. Nigerians can make money and fame out of any situation including the promise to tackle terrorists in return for money and influence in the Government. Both Boko Haram and MEND militia are financed by those heavily endowed in positions of power. Boko Haram is now the most dreaded leader of opposition by instilling fear outside their enclave.

The situation grieves most Nigerians that are powerless to stop these terrorists. The rich countries groan at the cost of maintaining security driving some of them bankrupt. How relatively poor countries still struggling to provide basic infrastructure can divert the little resources they have to security as an added headache beats most imaginations. As for rich Nigerians, they fool themselves into building fortified houses without fire escape, armored cars and trucks to protect themselves. They are coming for all of us!

However, only a few of these militia organizations have been able to shoot their ways

into power in Abuja. Though the military officers planned against one another by palace coup, they still enjoy exalted positions today. Once out of power, religious and ethnic riots can break out anywhere and nobody has been able to bring them to justice until compromises are made. We can set up as many committees to look into all these riots as much as we want, we still do not recognize the faces of these terrorists in or out of power. Boko Haram has managed to displace MEND as the terrorist in opposition while others chill for now until they roar again.

So far, there are people that believe as promised before the election, that Babangida, Buhari, Ciroma and some rich militricians in the North finance and influence, encourage or turn blind eye to religious groups destabilizing the North and Abuja, and gradually making their way southwards. The same is true about MEND in the South as some of us believe they are sponsored by powerful past and present governors and senior military officers. Indeed, some military officers that are terrorists in their own right became jealous and cried out that General Aziza that was retired from the Army by linking him to Niger Delta militia became the National Security Adviser. O pot calling the kettle black.

Rebels have become leaders of governments in Rawlings' Ghana, Manachem Begin's Israel, Otega's Nicaragua, Castro's Cuba, Hugo Chavez's Venezuela and DaSilva's Brazil. Major Ezeogwu was a rebel hero we wished his dream was accomplished in Nigeria. However, we must distinguish between those fighting for destructive or selfish ideology from those willing to die so that the country can be a better place for others. Various forms of these terrorists have left Nigeria in a worse shape than they met it.

Unfortunately, those Nigerians rebels that succeeded are reactionaries similar to the drug barons of Mexico have penetrated deep into our state governments and Armed Forces. We also have them in firm grip of political parties in Nigeria. Those that claimed they wanted to liberate us from corrupt politicians became worse once in power. Most claimed they were ready to die for Nigeria but actually stalled on queue at the bus stop to finish their loot. We did not become a country that celebrate militias and coup plotters like IBB, Abacha, Boko Haram, MEND, Oyenusi, Anini, Shina Ranbo and Obidiozor Otokoto by accident, we became complacent hoping only God would save Nigeria, knowing full well that only Nigerians can save Nigeria.

People that never gave Ibrahim Waziri's politics without bitterness a chance, Aminu Kano as the only known Saint in Nigeria an opportunity, Awolowo the best manager we ever had in politics to raise the Country, Ezeogwu with pure intention derailed and Isaac Boro killed fighting for justice might have squandered peaceful coexistence. Buhari, one of the most dedicated fighter against corruption had his chance but failed to return due suspicion of parochial interest. Zik gave away his opportunity to rule in a silver platter.

Lost innocent lives that are stuck between these guerrillas' tactics terrorizing the Nation in the battle for the control of Abuja bear the consequences when they strike as we saw recently in the bombing of the Police Headquarters in Abuja. Little do they realize that if most people on the streets are not safe, they are not save either. They also face the ignominy of being asked where they come from and why situations there are so bad. Instead of pointing four fingers to themselves, they point one to the other guy. Yeah, it's always the fault of someone else and not mine.

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