By NBF News

In Nigeria, if you want to be told the history of your life, then, venture into politics. This appears to be the lot of former president of the National Council for Women Societies (NCWS). She is a of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Board of Trustees (BoT),  Hajia Zainab Maina.

Maina, 63, was one of the many Nigerians who criss-crossed the length and breadth of Nigeria, to canvass support for the candidature of President Goodluck Jonathan, then, as a candidate of the PDP. While she was engaged in that, no one complained about her age. But the moment it was clear she is the President's ministerial choice from Adamawa State, tongues, began to wag, with some claiming that she was too old to serve.

But Brain 1 Youth Global Initiative, a non-governmental organisation, said that age is not a barrier to providing quality service to the country, insisting that Jonathan's choice of Maina, as a ministerial nominee, was a welcome development. According to the group, the nomination of Maina as a minister designate, has shown the painstaking aspect of  Jonathan's cabinet constitution process and that it has further demonstrated the President's transformation instinct, adding that the likes of Maina would no doubt transform Nigeria through whatever ministry she was assigned to.

Speaking with Daily Sun in Kaduna recently, the Yola-based group, through its secretary, Alhassan Mustapha, said he was reacting to newspaper reports that suggest that Maina was 70years of age, and as such would be too old to serve in Jonathan's cabinet. The group is insisting that from available records, Maina is only 63 years, arguing that even if she was 70 years as claimed by her 'detractors,' evidence are abound in Nigeria that people within the said age category performed 'creditably well,' while in office.

'Apparently dazed by the nomination of Maina for a ministerial position, some sponsored mischief mongers have been trying to mislead Jonathan to drop her. And you might ask, for just what reason? That Maina is 70 years old, so she is over aged. 'To set the record straight, Maina was born on August 8, 1948, which means she is just in her 60's. What's more, realities have taught us that in governance age is very relative. The big question is has this age robbed off on Maina's stamina? Absolutely No! Anybody who comes across Maina, particularly in the political circle, will see in her a conc agility. The last person that would be confused not to give ministerial position to Maina on account of age is probably Mr. President himself who knows the vigor, stamina and agility that this strong woman put into the PDP 2011 campaign project.

'Apart from stamina, one very important quality required of one to hold a ministerial position is experience cum track record. This, Maina has in abundance. The nomination of Maina as a minister has shown the painstaking aspect of Mr. President's cabinet constitution process and has demonstrated his transformation instinct. The likes of Maina will transform Nigeria through their ministries-no doubt! As the only female member of the PDP BoT, she must have ?been and is still the top notch of the PDP 'Think Tank' machinery with the ?capacity to deliver as evident with the Adamawa PDP massive votes due to her ?mass mobilization of not just the womenfolk but men folk too.?

'The crowd gathering capability of Maina singled her out ?as an asset to the PDP machinery culminating in Jonathan's ?victory at the polls. Whenever she mounts the podium to market PDP, she does it ?with a flair second to none.?

'Her exceptional contributions to the vision 2010 committee, the ?National Political Reform Committee and the subsequent presiding over the ?affairs of the National Council for Women Societies in Nigeria set her apart as ?a political leader whose leadershi