By NBF News

BY Demola Akinyemi
AFTER POLITICAL WAR NOW PEACE. Fromleft: The Waziri of Ilorin, Dr. Olusola Saraki; Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed of Kwara State; and Senator Bukola Saraki in a discussion at a special prayer for the peaceful reconciliation of ACPN and PDP members in Ilorin, yesterday.

ILORIN - The head of Saraki political dynasty and Second Republic Senate Leader, Dr Abubakar Olusola Saraki, the Waziri of Ilorin, yesterday, openly declared an end to the disagreement with his son, Dr Bukola Saraki, who publicly handed over Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed to him.

The elder statesman also explained that he needed to urgently accept the apologies of his son over the  painful political misfortune his son made him to suffer in the last elections in order to save Kwara from the pending political crisis and prevent the opposition party from taking over the state, saying the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, or any other opposition party can never take over Kwara.

The occasion was the prayer session which, according to the chieftain of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, ACPN, Alhaji Amasa Jidda, was  organised in his Ilorin country home over the tragedy that led to the loss of lives on the eve of former Gov. Bukola Saraki's departure from office, the success of the planned wedding ceremony of his son Olaolu Saraki in Paris, and over the continued good health of the elder statesman and other members of his family among others.

Mixed feelings
There were mixed feelings at the ceremony as aggrieved members of the ACPN and members of PDP particularly those who won various elective posts were all in attendance, throwing banters at each other.

The elder Saraki said the two political parties, ACPN and PDP, have been fused into one in the state, stressing that various reconciliation committees have been set up to settle the grievances of members resulting from the last election.

He noted that all his political family members including members of his ACPN are now fully in support of the administration and government of Abdulfatah Ahmed.

Speaking on what led to the reconciliation, Dr Olusola Saraki said: 'You remember that Bukola was governor for eight years, and he wanted somebody to succeed him and I disagreed with him on the choice, though they won and I agree with them.

'Second day of the election I travelled to USA and four days after the election, Bukola came to see me in Los Angeles to apologise. Later, he made all manners of influential and highly respected people to beg me, and I realise that if I want peace to reign in Kwara, and for opposition party not to be given chances like it happened in the last election, I have to listen to him.

'The crisis is in two arms. We have settled the political aspect, it remains the family aspect because Gbemi is still very angry, and I am behind her for that. We will also settle that later.'

''What happened to me during the last election was a misfortune to me. I never expected it but I know that was how almighty Allah wanted it, and I have taken it as a human being. Since I never expected that it would be my blood that will change the face of Kwara, which he did to my satisfaction and admiration of everybody, then I have to accept this too as my own fate.'

Dr Olusola Saraki  who recalled with nostalgia  that he never took contract from any government noted that during the two terms administration of  Dr Bukola Saraki as the governor, he was transparent to him on actions and steps he took, and that was responsible for the peace, and outstanding achievements he had while in office and why he secured second term which was the first time in the history of kwara.

The waziri of Ilorin who said it was too early to talk about the issue of second term for Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed however said it depends on how he runs his government.

''He needs to find a way to accommodate everybody, and consult with me on every step he takes like his predecessor did. He should not take anyone for granted, so that there won't be crack in his government. It was because there was crack in the last election, that was why some foreign political parties did what they did and thought that they can rule kwara. Can you imagine?''

Dr Olusola Saraki also counseled President Goodluck Jonathan that he is taking unnecessary longer time in chosing his ministers, urging him to be steadfast and do something quickly so as to move the nation forward.