I don run o -Muma Gee

Source: Nonye Ben-Nwankwo - Nigeriafilms.com

Sexy singer, Gift Uwame – popularly known as Muma Gee – is missing in action.

Since she got married to her much younger actor husband, Muma has been off the social scene.

Those who know her claim Muma doesn't want to be involved in any scandal again because she wants to make her marriage work and, as such, she doesn't want to be in the public eye, unlike before.

Those who have even seen her lately claim Muma has changed her lifestyle and flamboyant dress sense.

However, when we called the singer, she jocularly said she had to run away from the past controversies.

“I don run o. I had to run from you people,” she said.

But then, Muma stated that she had been in Port Harcourt, where she is getting ready for the National Sports Festival, which will start in the state next week.

According to Muma, she is the only artiste selected to compose a theme song for the festival.

“More than 80 people sent in their works. Mine was chosen. I thank God for that. This is the first time I will be on stage with more than 180 dancers at the same time. I will be giving Nigerians what Shakira gave to the world during the (2010) World Cup (in South Africa),” Muma said.

Apart from the rehearsal that is taking her time, Muma stated that she was involved in a humanitarian project, which is taking up her time.

“I have this girl-child project that I have embarked on. I want to help the women of my region. I have been visiting all the rural areas in my region, educating them on how they can empower themselves. I intend to take this project outside my geopolitical region as well,” she said.

Concerning her marriage, Muma said all was in place and her marriage was still as good as ever.

“You know that there are so many stages in this marriage. We have done some of the stages. The last stage will be in November by the grace of God,” she said.