Dear Anietie John James, Your article: Child Witches: Where is Sam Itauma? Is he on the run? Referred.

Can you show me a criminally corrupt government that documents and gazettes her crimes? Yes, there is a rogue government in place. Keep in mind that this same government initially issued a strong denial of the existence of such witch branded children in Akwa Ibom State. Keep in mind that the head of this vile government later claimed that the reports of victimized children by the media were exaggerated. Yet, the panel that this same governor set up to investigate the facts (after he signed a child protection law)kept uncovering more and more gory details of violent abuses and attacks on children that we never even knew about. The governor's own commission in just a few weeks or months of sitting uncovered what is a social and criminal epidemic of gigantic proportion in Akwa Ibom. Your governor didn't bargain for the embarrassing findings of his own constituted commission.

Today, that commission’s work has suddenly been halted. The last time we checked, the commission under state government approval, moved its hearings to London citing security reasons for the change of venue. Does that make fucking sense to you, Mr. John Thomas James Anietie or whatever? Does it make sense to you for a commission investigating cases of vicious child abuses, victimization, and murder, all committed in Akwa Ibom State, to relocate their 'court' where testimonies had been submitted, witnesses heard, reports filed, etc, abandon the state and country, and move to London?

Since your governor has done as well as you unthinking people claim, why then did his own commission tasked with an extremely important duty have to leave the state for fear of their own security? Whose job is it to ensure safety and security for all? As far as whether or not I can point you to a report regarding the incident I indicted Ata Ikiddeh on, I sure as hell can. Didn't you notice my references to the report previously? The fact is, one of the minors forcefully removed from CRARN Centre for fear of media report and placed at the so called "security village" was sexually abused by a paedophilic adult put in charge of supervising the children by Ata Ikiddeh and Eunice Thomas. Not only was this child serially violated, but her abuser has impregnated her. She is 14 years of age. In civilized societies which Akwa Ibom is not under this despotic regime, it is called RAPE. This is not in dispute, and that is why Ata Ikiddeh cannot refute it. It is ignorant and naive on your part to expect this deviant government to own up to their screw up. To rely on official report to corroborate accounts of serial sexual abuses where government officials or employees are culpable reveals you are in denial.

What's my beef with Ata? What is his role in the government of Akwa Ibom State? Is that such a difficult question to answer? Ata Ikiddeh has always denied any official role in the rogue administration of Godswill Akpabio. If he has no role, what the hell is he doing ejecting Children from their residence and having them relocated to a government poorly protected property? Can a non government employee be authorized to execute such an order? So what is his role? Ok, since you people rely on government documents and gazettes, maybe you can point me to one describing Ata Ikiddeh's official or unofficial title with a list of his job description. As per Sam Itauma, what more would you want from him? Here's a man who embarked on a very humanitarian mission of rescuing and rehabilitating abused and discarded children. In some of our offline chat, you made so much noise about your trips to Eket, and I am sure that in your daily commute, you see several abandoned children labelled witches and wizards. Have you ever taken any of those children home to provide them food and shelter? Have you thought of adopting any of those children? Have you even ever thought there was something fundamentally wrong with a community, state, and a people that subject their children to all kind of barbaric treatment, those children were subjected to without any consequence meted out to their abusers? Have you Sir? I doubt it.

Mr. Itauma on the other hand made that sacrifice, and he made a difference in the lives of those vulnerable children and community perception. For years he provided a safe haven for the children and stood in as their protector. Do you ungrateful bunch of humanoids show any appreciation for the humanitarian work he did? No! If Akwa Ibom State or Nigeria as a whole was a normal and civilized society, Mr. Itauma would be held up and hailed as a hero, an advocate of child safety, and a champion of children's welfare. Here's a man who began taking children off the streets and out of harms way. With very limited resources, this soft spoken, unassuming man manages to build a hostel to accommodate the growing number of rescued children. With the help of UNICEF and other charitable organizations, he established a medium school where rejected children in his care could benefit from early childhood education. That same man was caregiver, father-figure, and provider to over 200 discarded children that our society turned its back on. That same man was hounded and hunted day and night by your imbecilic governor and his diabolical goons. What were your governor’s reasons for endangering Sam Itauma's life?

According to him, Sam's revelation to the World via CNN and UK T.V of the criminal treatment of Akwa Ibom children, was an embarrassment to Akpabio's painstakingly crafted public image; an image so fake in all aspects. Because of the unintended 'embarrassment', your governor made Mr. Itauma the target of his rage. Sam's freedom and life was put at risk by your rogue and occult governor. Your governor sent his cult vagabonds to threaten Sam and to harm or kill him. When Sam was subpoenaed to appear in court as a star witness to the State, in an abuse case against the cult prophet, Bishop Sunday William-UlupUya , the DA tried to do something funny which even a retarded person wouldn't attempt. He tried not just to impeach state witness; he actually brought false charges against him and attempted to remand Sam in custody, thereby paving way for a Akpabio's assassins to kill Sam while in custody. Of course that satanic effort failed. Sam's whereabouts is unknown to me. What I do know is that your lord and master, tin god Akpabio was hell-bent on eliminating this good man like he has done many others. Even if I knew his whereabouts, why would I disclose such information knowing that a foot soldier of perdition like you would hastily relay the information to your serial murdering pay master for a stipend. Wherever Sam Itauma is, he is safe from the killing squad of Godswill Akpabio.

If you have questions about Sam Itauma's whereabouts, raise them with your governor. He is an expert at causing people to disappear, is he not? By the way, Sam did attend the Commission hearings. He attended severally, but you didn't know that did you? I told you the other day despite your flippant rhetoric that those of us outside the shores of Nigeria, are usually more informed and are aware of developments on the ground before most of you. You didn't believe me. Now, listen, the Commission gave Sam very positive commendation and praises for his work at CRARN Children Centre. I don't only have the transcripts of the hearings, but the audio of the sessions as well, do you? Let me conclude by saying that I am glad that my friend and brother Sam Itauma is safe. He is a good man with a heart of gold. A few years ago, he was recognized in New York City by a coalition of international child rights Organzations for his good deeds. See, in a banana republic like Akwa Ibom State where a porch monkey like Akpabio and his baboon relatives and enforcers roam the jungle killing and maiming decent people, what follows is a gradual exit of people who fear for theirs and their family's safety. Others, for self preservation, must pretend to love Akpabio by expressing carefully rehearsed praises in order to save their skin from being eaten by the cannibal of hilltop mansion. As for the crumb eaters and scavengers like Clement Ikpatt, Ata Ikiddeh, yourself included (though to what degree is still unknown)are left to perpetually sing useless praises. Banana republic my friend, that's where you are from now.

Douglas Ekarika, Brunswick, ME, USA.

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