Resolution Of The Ogoni Congress.


At a Congress of the Ogoni people held on Sunday the 19 th of June, 2011 at the Peace and Freedom Centre, Bori,   attended by over 500 representatives of Community leaders, paramount Chiefs of Communities, Ogoni Contact Group leaders and MOSOP, the following resolutions were taken:

  1. That whilst they appreciate and welcome genuine steps by government to develop Ogoniland and its people, they are opposed to projects that are not favourable to Ogoni interest and needs.

  2.   To this effect, and mindful of the   acute dearth of land in Ogoni and the sensitivities of our people, we are opposed to the establishment of a military cantonment as is rumoured;

  3.   That in the same vein, the Ogoni people do not believe that the proposed banana plantation is in Ogoni interest.

  4.    That in the light of the foregoing, on-going land survey carried on by armed soldiers in Ogoni by the Rivers State Government should be suspended forthwith.

  5.   That the foregoing, however, does not preclude possibilities for suitable projects, but that should be   based on prior, enlightened and broad consultation with the people of Ogoni, especially the actual land owners.

  6.   That we condemn the rumoured attempts to resume oil exploitation without due prior and informed discussion and consent of the Ogoni people being taken into consideration and mandates the Ogoni leadership to make a public statement on the issue immediately.

  7.   That we as a people commit ourselves as a people and each of us to the necessary non-violent action that may be necessary to carry these resolutions into effect.  

1. Prof. Don Baridam
2. Sen. Ben Birabi              
3. Ledum Mitee
4. Prof. Ben Naanen
5. Hon. D. K. Badom
6. B. L. Kpaghi
7. Chief Mike Baah
8. Chief P. G. Ngbor
9. Engr. Fegalo Mitee
10. Rev. Dr Isaac Bii