Few Actions Governor Akpabio Should Start Avoiding

Source: huhuonline.com

Editor, In recent time, our governor (His Excellency Chief Dr. Godswill Obot Akpabio) has taken some steps that are not in order. I have personally written him severally but believe that his bad aides would not allow him read hence I am posting this through the media and I pray that you allow this published in order to help him.  

  During the 86 oil wells saga which has now resulted in Akwa Ibom (to) refund N10.9billion to Rivers state, Akpabio, on bad advice, abused Attah, making us believe that Attah signed off the oil wells for selfish reason. We read where Attah denied this. It would have been in order had Akpabio called Attah for a private meeting with the aim of finding out the truth. It will be recalled that Akpabio and Umana (Akwa Ibom SSG) served under Attah at the time the purported document between Odili and Attah may have been singed. While Umana has come out to categorically confirm there was nothing as that, Akpabio still finds it difficult apologizing to Akwa Ibomites, for feeding them with falsehood; and to Attah for the uncouth words used in abusing him.    

  Governor Akpabio may have surround himself with bad advisers: By leaving our land to a more populated yet more peaceful Lagos State to celebrate his wife's 40th birthday at Eko Hotels and Suites (where we have Ibom Le'Meridien Hotel and Golf Course run by the same management) confirms that his family resides outside Akwa Ibom. It is a fact that his children are not schooling in Akwa Ibom; a state he said under his regime has become more peaceful. As for him, most Akwa Ibomites know that he spends more time Lagos , Abuja , UK and USA than in Akwa Ibom. In a state he proclaimed most peaceful, it is a fact that all government visitors to Akwa Ibom are provided police details throughout their stay here and one wonders if that is right in a 'secured' state such as ours. The entire episode confirms that afterall the governor has made Akwa Ibom insecure through empowerment of few idle youths; he finds it more secure that his family must live outside the bad den. It is also on record that he receives between N1billion and N1.5billion monthly as security vote; he is supposed to utilize this to secure the state but that is the case.  

  Furthermore (our) Governor Akpabio has continued to violate the bridge required to cement a united south-south zone. He absents himself from most meetings that involved all the governors of the south-south. To mention few: In 2010 when one-man-one-vote meeting held in Benin , Edo state, it was attended by all the governors from the zone except Akpabio; he did not even send a representative. Recently this month (June), again all the governors attended a meeting in Port Harcourt to chart a common way forward and in connection with the N18,000 minimum wage among other things; he did not even send his deputy. By so doing, he alienates Akwa Ibom. He may do well avoid all the pitfalls.