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By NBF News
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The police commissioner made the vow yesterday while addressing journalists at the police state headquarters in Eleyele, Ibadan, on the latest development in the state over his declaration of the duo wanted following the clash between the two factions of the NURTW.

He said, 'I will expose all the politicians behind them, no matter how highly placed they are in the society.'

Bolanta vowed that no matter what the two factional chairmen do to prevent their arrest he would ensure they were arrested and brought to book, saying they could not continue to foment trouble in the state and be threatening the peace of the society because of the huge amount of money they are making daily.

According to him, 18 suspects arrested since the clash, which occurred on May 25, had been charged to court for prosecution.   The police boss, who disclosed that there were some highly placed people behind them whom he suspected to be politicians sponsoring them and vowed to expose and bring them to book no matter how highly placed.

'They will all be arrested and be prosecuted so that people will know that these are agents of destruction who don't want Oyo State to have peace,' he said. On the call for his transfer by some people, he declared: 'God is the one who created me and made me to be what I am today and no human being can destroy me.'

For some students who are joining in the call for his transfer, he said, 'it was a faction of NANS (National Association of Nigerian Students). The authentic leader sent a text message to me yesterday saying they didn't have hand in it. Those students don't know what is going on. Let them face their studies and don't allow themselves to be used by some hoodlums.'