By NBF News

Former British Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair, on Wednesday told President Goodluck Jonathan that all leaders who desired to develop their nations must set their priorities and focus on what they want to achieve in office.

The former British PM also told the President that leaders must understand that there was a difference between their vision and reality, and as a result, work within the context of the prevailing situation.

Blair, who runs the African Governance Initiative, and is also currently working with the Elumelu Foundation, spoke during an audience with Jonathan in the State House, Abuja.

'All leaders must recognise the importance of proper and efficient scheduling of their engagements, in order to make maximum use of the limited time available for governance,' said Blair.

'There is a gap between vision and reality, and leaders must know how to do whatever they set out to do, given the reality of their situations.'

Blair added that he was ready to share his experience.

Speaking to journalists afterwards, Blair passed a vote of confidence on Jonathan, saying the President was determined and well focused.

Giving an insight into his discussion with Jonathan, Blair said, 'We talked about relationships between our two countries but also the great amount of hope and expectations of the two countries.

'I have found the President well focused and very well determined to improve Nigerians total potential and he is someone I have a lot of respect and regards for.

'I think the President is absolutely focused on the right areas which is improving the infrastructure in the country, making sure that in areas like agriculture and power, and so on, that he is making the changes that are necessary.

Commenting on his work with the Elumelu Foundation and the organisation's role in Nigeria's development, Blair said, 'I am working with the Elumelu Foundation as part of my Africa Campaign Solution.

'We have been working on charity and how to improve systems of governance in Liberia and Sierra Leone, where we are working on partnership.

'I have been through Abuja a couple of times, worked with Nigeria for a couple of years and I just feel there is enormous promise and potential here and I will be glad to do all I can not just to improve relations between Britain and Nigeria.'

Jonathan said Nigeria was committed to global peace and would continue to support any efforts at peace and development.