AgriBusiness Forum 2011 announced as EMRC International focuses on engaging the private sector in Africa’s Agri-food development.


14th June, Brussels, Belgium

The AgriBusiness Forum 2011 is to be organised by EMRC International on 16-19th October 2011 in Johannesburg South Africa with the spotlight on “Engaging the Private Sector for Africa's Agri-food growth.”

Officially launched during the closing session of the successful AfDB –EMRC SME Forum in Lisbon, the AgriBusiness Forum will take place in collaboration with FAO and Rabobank Foundation and with the first officially confirmed partner organisations, Heineken and ICRISAT. The AgriBusiness Forum 2011 is expecting over 500 participants, bringing together international agricultural experts, multinationals, farmer and private sector associations, donor organisations, investors and many more, to discuss strategic policies and establish investment and business partnerships for the Agri-Food sector, officially acknowledged as a pivotal sector for the continent's growth.

“Since its inception at the beginning of 2000s, the AgriBusiness Forum has grown, with over 400 participants in 2010. The message is clear – Africa is the new frontier for the Agri-Food industry. The international community has realised that Africa has an important potential and can offer profitable investment opportunities. What is important is to ensure that all players are involved in the growth of this sector, with the private sector providing its much needed know-how, best practices and innovative ideas,” explains Caterina Giuliano, Senior Programme Manager at EMRC International.

The Agri-Food sector in Africa has become an essential component of the international community's goal to ensure that the world's food production meets the required needs by 2050. The vast agricultural sectors across African countries have the potential to provide a significant share of the world's agricultural output. In turn, the Agri-Food industry can become a major source of income and employment for an important part of the continent's population. Supporting the idea of establishing long-term goals in terms of business and employment is part of the concept for the EMRC-Rabobank Project Incubator Award, which offers a cash prize of US$15,000 to an African project that is pushing the boundaries in innovation and sustainability in the rural development.

Among others, these subjects will be discussed throughout the Forum in addition to drawing attention to the impact of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme – CAADP – the importance of developing regional value chains and targeted Market Development Training. Without exception, the AgriBusiness Forum will also discuss the importance to improve private-public dialogue and showcase successful experiences.

The guiding rational behind EMRC International's vision is that Africa's private sector must be the key to developing the continent in order to ensure sustainability and long-term growth. “This is where EMRC plays a central role – we have a wide network of people at the ground-level, who are heading the agri-food sector's transformation across Africa. Bringing together international organisations and EMRC members is critical if we are going to implement policies which are relevant and functional for the people working within the sector,” says Idit Miller, VP & Managing Director at EMRC International.

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