BasketMouth Denies Hitting A Fan In Abuja

Source: Niyi Tabiti -

Contrary to ongoing report that one of Nigeria's finest comedians, Bright Okpocha, aka, Basketmouth slapped a fan, true story has that the incident was reported out of context. According to a reliable insider and an eye witness, the said incident was highly reported out of context.

The incident which happened about a year ago in a night club, Ecstasy Land, in Abuja was a minor misunderstanding which according to an eye witness was blown out of proportion. “I was there and I can boldly tell you that what was reported in that story is false and targeted at Basketmouth's image. Whoever wrote that story has a different reason. The incident was surely blown out of context” he said
In a telephone conversation with the comedian, he confirmed the incident. According to him he did not slap anyone. It was a minor misunderstanding which unfortunately degenerated into a minor argument. The incident, he said happened a while back and I am surprised that someone will reawaken an already buried and settled issue.

Said he “I was in company of some of my colleagues after we had attended a show organized by Charley Boy. It happened that it was the same day AY was having his show in Abuja. I couldn't make the show so I decided to go for the after party which held at a club (Ecstasy Land) in Abuja. While at the VIP section, a gentleman or so I thought, walked up to me requesting to take some shots (pictures) with me. I obliged him. He took three shots after which I politely told him that I think that was enough. He agreed and left. He came back and asked to take another one, I guess maybe the initials shots he had were not satisfactory”

“At this point I really was not comfortable anymore but to avoid any insinuations I obliged him. A while later I was surprised to see the same guy walk up to me still asking to take more pictures. At this point I told him, that was going to be last because, truth be told, it was becoming unbearable. I allowed the last shot.

To my greatest surprise, while still in the VIP section, I overheard a friend of his expressing his willingness to take some pictures with me. This same guy that has already taking five snap shots told his friend not to bother because according to him, he has tried but Basketmouth seem to be full of ego and as such I will not allow it.

I really did not like the impression he was trying to give people about me so I walked up to him and asked him politely why he was telling such lies. Rather than be a gentle man, he shoved me aside telling to leave.

That was so ungentlemanly. While still trying to see reasons with him, he continued his irrational behavior and before you know it the situation degenerated into a bit of fisticuffs. Apparently, he was drunk because while the altercation continued, he was reeking of alcohol”

The incident, Okpocha said was settled that same night and according to him, he cannot understand why it resurfaced again. “After the incident, the bouncers came and removed the guy from the club. He later came back in but nothing dramatic happened after then. The case was settled and both parties went their separate ways. i wasn't happy about the whole incident and promised myself such will never repeat itself anymore”

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