Antics of Desperadoes


My attention has been drawn to the lies and spurious statements being circulated in the press by one Kennedy Ugorji ostensibly working for Senator Alphonsus Igbeke purporting that he was my party agent and compelled by me to sign the result sheets of   the PDP primaries among other claims. This cannot be any further from the truth.

  The whole activities of the primaries were recorded on tape, conducted under public view and monitored by seven(7) INEC Electoral officers of the seven local Government Areas and thereafter they issued a report of the primaries. The police and SSS also monitored the primaries. None of the contestants in the primaries had raised any objection as to the outcome besides Senator Alphonsus Igbeke who chose to falsify and forge the result sheet with which he approached a willing Justice   Abdul Kafarati of Abuja Federal High Court to obtain his frivolous and unlawful judgement now being contested by us in the court of Appeal.

  Without any doubt, a judicial remedy predicated on falsehood amounts to a scam, a swindle of unimaginable proportions and for which the villain   ought to be prosecuted for fraud and perjury.

  Rightly, this issue of forgery and perjury is now a subject of litigation between the Federal Government of Nigeria and Mr Alphonsus   Igbeke in a suit filed by the office of the Attorney General of the Fedration. Mr. Ugorji and his sponsor know where to ventilate their new found argument and not try to mislead the public.

Mr. Ugorji should be able to avail Nigerians with concrete evidence of his being compelled to sign the result sheet on my behest and    any letter given to him from my Campaign Organization recruiting him as my party agent for the said PDP primaries or forever keep quiet.

  Ditto this issue of forgery of document by Alphonsus Uba Igbeke, the police had caused a warrant of arrest to be issued against him after several invitations to make statement.   Instead of confronting the authorities with whatever defense he has against the overwhelming evidence stacked against him , Senator Igbeke has chosen another inglorious path   by recruiting and inducing paid hirelings to make spuriliouse claims .

  It is certainly not beyond a man who boasts that he can buy the judiciary to find a willing mercenary under various guise to do his bidding. This is pathetic and disheartning and must not   be allowed to stand in the new dawn we are striving for.

I challenge Senator Igbeke to do the honorable thing and address the issues of forgery and perjury confronting him bothering on criminality. There is always a doom's day for a criminal and the time is now.

Prince John Okechukwu Emeka
(Senator Elect)
  Anambra North Senatorial Zone