Bomb Blasts: Nigerian Government Culpable - PRONACO

Source: THEWILL. -

LAGOS, June 02, (THEWILL) - Following the upsurge of sporadic bomb blasts in the country, Spokesperson of Pro National Conference Organisation, Olawale Okunniyi has once again taken a swipe at successive governments for encouraging sustained political acrimony in the country.

The PRONACO Chief while assessing the state of the nation on Thursday in Lagos, against the backdrop of 100 years of Nigeria union in 2014, said the ongoing bomb politics in the country may not abate as long as the various people in the union find a basis to be dissatisfied with the political system.

He however advised the Federal Government to quickly encourage the diverse blocks of people in the Nigerian union to dialogue and negotiate for themselves a constitutional arrangement that is indigenous and suitable to their union since the Obasanjo’s National Political Reform Conference in 2005 failed to deliver the goods.

He said this can be achieved if the National Assembly amends section 9 of the 1999 constitution to enable it first give itself the powers to convoke a constitutional convention of the delegates of diverse constituents of Nigeria as it is ultra vires for the legislature to give the country a new constitution by the provisions of the 1999 constitution.

Okunniyi said a new book titled ‘The Urgency of Now! Building a True Nigerian Federation’ dedicated to the sacrifices of Chief Enahoro for a peoples’ constitution will be launched in Lagos on Saturday June 11 2011 after which eminent advocates and scholars of the national question will be hosted by him on Sunday June 12 to set a new political agenda for the country.

“What is missing is the will of successive governments to dare the various powers that made them. So in an attempt not to rock the boat successive governments have left the Nigerian people more incensed and disenchanted with their political conditions.

Today, various constituencies in the union either in the south or in the north all have excuses to react violently because they are fed up with the present political system foisted on them by the recycled power clique in the country.”

He hinted that the civil society is set to initiate a process of national consensus among the Nigeria building blocks with a view to encourage government to take a bold step towards resolving the albatross national question of the country.

Nigerian union will be 100 years in 2014; I expect Jonathan and others who are today in government to be courageous once and for all to help halt the ongoing political terrorism and carnages arising from in built political distrust in the country, Okunniyi said.