By NBF News

An upcoming artiste, Chimezie Nnoli, a.k.a Real Gold, has given the country's music industry a pass mark. He said that there is much to be happy for in the industry. According to this motivational singer, he's out to contribute his quota to the uplift of the industry. In this interview, the Anambra State-born singer talked about his career and challenges.

What inspired you in music?
Things happening around me inspire me. I went into music to fulfill my dream. Singing is a gift from God. By the grace of God, the sky will be my limit.

What are the albums you have produced?
I have produced two albums. The first one, produced in 2008, is entitled Destiny is Destin. The second album is entitled Finally. In the album, I have tracks, like No leave me, Pasapasa, Street Commando, Birthday Song, Taking Over. I believe, in the next two to three years, I will produce many other albums that will make impact.

What are your challenges?
My major challenge is finance. When you are not financially balanced, you wouldn't achieve your aim. So, that has been my major challenge. Nobody can achieve anything is he's not financially balanced.

Who is your target audience?
My interest has always been the youths.
How would assess the music industry?
The industry is really developing. There are too many good things happening and they make one happy As an upcoming, I will also contribute my own quota to the development of the industry. I want to use this medium to appeal to the Federal Government not to relent in putting an end to piracy because that is a major cankerworm eating up the industry. Fighting piracy will be the greatest help government would give the music industry.

What plans do you have for the future?
I intend producing more albums and also taking my music to the international market.

What would you say is your most embarrassing moment?

My most embarrassing moment was when I shot my first musical video. I had told my friends the video would soon be out. Before you know it, I couldn't find the director again. I could not face my friends until the video was out.

Who's your role model?
Firstly, God is my model. Then, in Nigeria I respect Terry G, because he is an active performer. He sings and performs well on stage. He's a solid star. International, I respect JZ and Kayon West, for their good performance too.

What advice would you give upcoming artistes?
They should always believe in God. They should know that with God and hard work, all things are possible. When there is a dark night, surely, a bright morning will come. They shouldn't relent in whatever they are doing. With God, they sky will be their limit.