Disturbing as the Mbabazi appointment as the new Prime Minister(PM) may be, however, it is only an unusually visible sign of something that has been going on quietly for a long time — the struggle for leadership in NRM. Mbabazi has been shifted to the post of PM to be weakened, and political observers will judge his political tactics as weak if he accepts this position.

A prime minister is appointed by the president and is sacked by the president while the NRM Sec General can be recommended by the president but it's the NRM delegates that elect him. So a party Sec General can easily defy the president while a PM cannot do so. So Mbabazi risks becoming a total poodle for president Museveni the moment he accepts to become his PM. He will be almost the same age as Museveni when he retires in probably 2016. So he will not be a threat in the post Museveni era.

An NRM Secretary General is capable of building a political base of his own if the tools for party promotion are in place and effective. Even if Mbabazi will never become the president of Uganda, being Sec General gives him some sort of a say on influencing the successor to president Museveni and NRM affairs. That is why Gilbert wanted this post but Museveni knew his moves, and played chess with Mbabazi.

I think Amama is too arrogant to be in any political office. He may have some good ideas but his demeanor simply kills him. He has also been reported in various corruption scandals. His appointment as PM is a total display of lack of class on president Museveni's part and confirmation that the office of the presidency means a lot to him.

With both Bukenya and Mbabazi out of the way, Museveni can get somebody to run for this post on his recommendation, and implement ''project Muhoozi'' without any problems. Some people reported that Charles Rwomushana may be appointed in this position but I cannot see this happening because this guy is known to be ambitious from Makerere University days. I wonder what he is up to nowadays. He used to make a lot of noise in the media but he seems to have gone underground.

Yes, president Museveni may console Bukenya Gilbert with some other ministerial post or government job, and knowing Bukenya the way I have come to know him, he will accept any deployment anywhere because he is one of the types that are afraid of working outside the public service. Gilbert's Poverty alleviation program was possible because he was in a big office. If Museveni makes him the minister of Agriculture or something like that, then he can continue with it, but I don't see it happening. He and Carlo Ancelloti seem to be looking 'elsewhere' now.

Ssekandi as VP
Like I said yesterday, selfish politicians tend to appoint people in these positions that don't present any threat to them. So Mr.Sekandi Edward fits this profile very well. Ssekandi is being looked in Buganda as another 'Judas Iscariot' such that he even struggled to retain his parliamentary seat in Bukoto, but president Museveni looks at him as a safe pair of hands because he does not harbour presidential ambitions. Even if he did, few Ugandans would even want to associate themselves with him after a lot of bad laws were passed under his stewardship as the speaker of parliament. Those who want to associate with him are the usual sellers of 'burger and chips' for NRM. Just like Mbabazi, Ssekandi will end his political career with Museveni. So no surprises here!

Appointing Ssekandi as VP also confirms that Museveni nolonger regards Mengo as a big problem anymore. Ssekandi supported and presided over two controversial bills: 2007 land and the Traditional leader's bills, both of which put the president and Kabaka on a parallel platform. Therefore, Museveni is basically giving a 'finger' to Mengo by publicly confirming this appointment which Mengo can do without.

America Kyambadde
I was hoping that president Museveni will make a ''mistake'' (unselfish act) and appoint a younger person, like Ameria Kyambade as VP. Ameria is an ambitious person however much she tries to smile it off. She has got that nice smile that can hoodwink anybody to think that she is just trying to keep Janet Museveni in check, but she is ambitious in her own way.

Being a woman and a long time confidant of president Museveni, gives her some sort of political clout over her opponents and she can use this to her advantage in future. I have been very impressed with her ability to make her intentions known while the other NRM leaders are back peddling and looking for the tall grass. She is one very smart, and tough, cookie.

Muslims continue to be marginalised in Museveni's cabinet as has been the case for the last 10 years. Most of the big cabinet positions, apart from probably finance where Saida Bumba may be retained, the rest have been occupied by people of other faith. I don't know the merit the president bases on to chose his ministers which most Muslims cannot fulfil. Obote 2 did not have a single Muslims in his cabinet. It is like Muslims are somehow the forgotten species in the cabinets of Uganda.

In USA, for instance, members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission dominate key positions in America's government, military, industries, media outlets and educational foundations and institutions. CFR was founded in 1921 to make Americans more aware of their international responsibilities. It is a much large network of people with power and they are almost everywhere and help each other into juicy positions in both public and private sectors. So the question is: who helps president Museveni to nominate certain people in juicy positions where Muslims end up always on the peripheral of things. I dont think it's the NRM caucas as the media has made u believe recently.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
United Kingdom

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