By NBF News

Femi Adesina last Friday in his column in The Sun commended Imo people. He wrote: 'Imo people have set a standard for Nigeria. One day, true change will come to this country, but it will not come on a platter of gold. It will come because the people are hungry and thirsty enough for it. They will police it, keep track till they get to Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey. It is possible. It has happened in Kano, Bauchi, Abia, now Imo.'

The state has enriched political discuss, especially in lecture rooms of Political science departments. I am proud to be an Imolite. May I use this opportunity to send congratulation to Owelle (Chief) Rochas Ethelbert Anayo Okorocha, the beneficiary of the masses revolution in Imo State, the governor-elect. We, the people of Imo State, love you. The people voted for you because we want a change that will improve lives; change that will provide infrastructures; change that will ensure beautiful environment. Owelle, the people have sacrificed their lives for you, therefore, you must not disappoint us.

Like Promise Obinna, said in the SMS, 'What I found nonsense[sic] is Mr. Okorohcha's freezing of the account of Imo State at 23rd hour. Imo people should please watch this man,' Obinna warns. I read news story last Friday, May 13, in Daily Sun that: 'The office of the Imo State Governor-elect, Chief Rochas Okorocha, has frozen all the state government accounts with banks in the state.' The story explained that Okorocha's chief of staff, Prince Eze Madumere has written a letter on May 9, to all the managers of banks dealing with the state government placing embargo on the accounts until the governor -elect, is sworn in May 29, 2011.

Madumere, with letter directs: 'Following the conclusion of the gubernatorial election and the emergence of Owelle Rochas Okorochas (OON) As the executive governor-elect of Imo state and the subsequent establishment of a transition committee to work out modalities for formal handing over of power on 29th of May 2011, I write on the instruction of the executive governor-elect a temporary non debit status on all Imo state government with your bank effective immediately.

I hope that this news report is not true. If it is, I agree with Obinna that it is 'nonsense.'

Adesina again said: 'In just over two weeks, Ikedi Ohakim will bow out of office.' Until he bows out, Chief Okorocha, you are not yet the governor of Imo State. You are only governor-elect. We pray God to keep you alive. You will be governor in power only when you are sworn in on May 29, but now, Chief Ikedi Ohakim is still the governor of Imo State. Constitutionally, he is chief executive of Imo state, and he is in-charge of the state accounts until May 29, when Okorocha will be sworn in. You can't force that out from him. I am sure no bank manager will listen to you.

Chief Okorocha, don't abuse your right by doing what is unconstitutional or naturally wrong. I agree that this instruction is in bad faith. I wonder why Okorocha wants to start his administration with controversy. Don't ground the state. Beyond Ohakim, there are daily needs of the state that needs funding. Okorocha should not handle this matter as if Imo state is his village. He has a duty to provide infrastructures of good road network, community development, upgrading schools, and provision of employment to our thousands of unemployed graduates. There are many political, economical and social problems in the state that requires Okorocha's attention. In fact, I call on Imo state governor -elect to go for a retreat with a think-tank group to brainstorm on how to move Imo further in area development.

I suggest to Okorocha should not dissipate energies and time on matters that will waste resources, but should pursue serious issues such as working to ensure even development, equitable appointments, protecting life and properties of the people and ensure adequate security in the state. He should fight for the state to get her shares from federal level.

Alban Opara is a practising journalist in Lagos.