As news filtered in that heavily armed US Naval commandos shot an unarmed Osama bin Laden point blank between the eyes, I couldn't help thinking of the similar demise of our own Mohammed Yusuf, the late leader of Nigeria's Al-Qaeda affiliate - Boko Haram. Both Islamist leaders though unarmed at the time of capture were summarily executed without the benefit of trial.

I shed no tear for their well deserved termination, but the circumstances surrounding their execution must be clarified lest such take-no-prisoners shoot-to-kill policy is abused. Not so long ago we were all witnesses to internet videos showing Nigerian soldiers/policemen summarily executing unarmed civilians in the aftermath of the crushed Boko Haram uprising.

The barefaced lie that the frail unarmed middle age Osama bin Laden was killed because he resisted is utter bunkum. Even ordinary cops are trained to subdue unarmed criminals, how much more two dozen top-of-the-line, armed-to-the-teeth elite commandos skilled in martial arts.

More likely the military/intelligence hawks in charge of the Abottabad raid didn't want their Islamist appeasing Commander-in-Chief reading Bin Laden Miranda rights “you have the right to remain silent”, followed by a prolonged civil trial during which Bin Laden lawyers would compel CIA to reveal the sources of incriminating evidence against him.

Such disclosure would be inimical to the ongoing war on terror which the clueless Obama claims doesn't exist, so the Seal commandos unceremoniously finished off the Al Qaeda leader. This discordance in objectives between the dhimmi/Muslim American president and his more hawkish military/intelligence subordinates partly explains the contradictory narratives of the Osama kill from the Obama administration.

Altogether Fox News documented at least 18 untruths/inconsistencies in Obama administration account of operation Geronimo.

Since the Obama administration couldn't get its story straight, some of us were beginning to wonder if Bin Laden was actually killed in the Abottabad raid. This was particularly so because of the suspiciously hurried manner with which Obama administration got rid of the crucial evidence – Bin Laden's corpse – which was reportedly fed to fishes.

Already Iran's intelligence minister, Heidar Moslehi claims Bin Laden died of some ailment several months ago. Conspiracy theorists must be having a field day spinning all these as some sort of publicity stunt to boost Obama's approval rating in preparation for next year's presidential election.

Obama's reluctance to release photos of the dead Bin Laden did not help matters, ostensibly not to offend Muslims. Not that such photos would be conclusive proof, given the wonders of Photoshop. Yet several months ago, the administration revealed CIA 'torture' photos.

Obama's undue concern about Muslim sensitivity is totally unwarranted. Which Muslims doesn't he want to offend? The bloodthirsty Jihadists who behead innocents and post the gruesome videos on the internet? Or the so-called “moderate” Muslim majority whom Taqiyya propagandists would have us believe are against Bin Laden, and therefore shouldn't be offended.

This penchant of Obama bending over backwards to appease his fellow Muslims despite the horrors they continue to inflict on humanity, together with his repeated frustration of the war on Islamic terror – reading Miranda rights to terrorists, trying to shut down Guantanamo and harassing CIA operatives for “torturing” terrorists – have all fuelled speculations and even reports that America's more hawkish military/intelligence leaders forced Obama's hand in the Osama kill.

Incidentally, the “torturing” of terrorists which Obama had repeatedly decried, was instrumental to the intelligence gathering that began during the Bush era and culminated in the Osama kill. None other than Obama's own CIA chief Leon Panetta recently confirmed this. Khalid Sheik Mohammed, Osama bin Laden's lieutenant who masterminded 9/11 was water boarded several times into revealing Bin Laden's special courier who was later tracked down over the years and eventually led to the late Al-Qaeda boss.

Incredibly, some of the intelligence operatives who “tortured” out the vital information that made the Osama kill possible are still facing indictment by Obama's Justice department.

That did not stop the self-serving opportunistic demagogue Obama from shamelessly basking in undeserved glory as he gloated in his self promotional speech - “I did this”, “I directed that”. Contrast with George Bush's humble use of “we” after his own military successes in Iraq and the capture of Saddam Hussein. Bush did not regale us with details of his role in the capture of Saddam which led to a bounce of his approval rating from 54% to 63% according to a then CNN poll.

On the contrary several recent polls (CNN, Newsweek, Rasmussen) showed no significant improvement in Obama's approval rating despite the jubilation of Americans at the Osama kill. Obviously, Americans weren't impressed by Barry's self-serving ego trip to claim the credit.

Thus the Bin Laden kill is unlikely to help Obama bin Laden in next year's presidential poll, particularly as there are promising Black Republicans like the straight talking no-nonsense Rep Allen West and successful entrepreneur Herman Cain, who might corner some of the White guilt vote which helped Obama in 2008 - if only one of these our brothers could secure the GOP nomination.

Unlike the adulterated half-breed currently occupying the White house, both Allen West and Herman Cain are bonafide full blooded Black Americans descended from our enslaved kith & kin whom our slave raiding ancestors ignominiously sold to European slave dealers.

Presently the symbolic triumph of the Bin Laden kill is being undermined by Obama's foolhardy support for the Al-Qaeda linked Libyan rebels who would soon be awash with oil money, thereby undoing one of the successes of the anti-terror war - constricting terror finance. Similarly, Obama relaxed restrictions on funding several “Islamic charities” that are known fronts for Islamo-terrorists.

Then there is the issue of Pakistan, the global headquarters of Islamist terror. Despite her official denial, it is obvious that pro-Taliban/Al-Qaeda elements within Pakistani military/intelligence services were complicit in hiding Bin Laden.

It's about time America ends her three billion dollar Jizyat to that Islamic terrorist nation, and take out Pakistani nukes before they fall into the hands of that country's Al-Qaeda/Taliban jihadists. But that would be too much to ask from an Islamist appeasing Indonesian wimp in America's White house who is unwilling to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program despite Ahmedinajad's threat to “wipe Israel off the map”.

Afghanistan is the only reason United States needs Pakistan, as military supplies for US/NATO forces in that landlocked country pass through Pakistan. Since political correctness, misguided attempts to win Muslim “hearts & minds” and crippling rules of engagement prevent the US military from decisively routing violent Jihadists from Afghanistan, America should cut her loses and abandon that Islamist hell-hole.

By the way who collected the $25 million bounty on Osama's head?

Nafata Bamaguje

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